World Map: Gay Marriage in the World

In the past, we have shared several maps about same sex marriage in the United States and world acceptance towards homosexual, and now we have found several maps about the same sex marriage around the world in different countries.

the-gay-marriage-world-mapmap legend for the above world map:gay-marriage-world-map-legend

Since the first legal same sex marriage took place in Amsterdam in 2001, there have been 15 countries (e.g. certain states in US, part of Mexico, Australian Capital territories) legalized it within these 12 years. However, there are still some countries do not accept homosexual (e.g. Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen).

According to below image, it seems that homosexual is more acceptable in Europe that most of the European countries allow same sex marriage, and  same sex unions are allowed.
gay-marriage-in-europePlease note that homosexual can be punished by imprisonment in some of island countries in Oceania:

Source: Business2Community

Map Reviews:
This gay marriage map can be converted into multilevel interactive map that detailed information can be added to each countries with popup infobox, and map legend can be created for indicating various region colors.

Here is a video tutorial about creating multi-level maps:

Interactive Map: Nuclear Radiation Alert in USA


When we are focusing on the nuclear issue in Asia (e.g. Fukushima in Japan, North Korea) the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center has created an interactive map for reminding us not to neglect the nuclear radiation in the United States by showing the radiation levels at radiation monitoring stations across the states are elevated.

It is said that 300 tons of radioactive water enter the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima everyday that it will take up to 40 years to clean up the Fukushima disaster.

interactive-google-maps-nuclear-raditaiton-in-usMap Reviews: 4/5 Stars
Annotating various radiation levels in different marker icons with clear map legend, and popup boxes are inserted for brief information. External links are inserted to the infoboxes for users to read the full data. Though the map design is not attractive and special, it is enough for an informative map to showcase the basic information to the public.