Pinterest Launches Place Pins


This week, Pinterest has launched new feature that Pinners can pin location on the map, Place Pin, which is designed for combining uploaded images with the utility of an online map, and easily share with others. It includes extra details like address and phone number for people to easily reach the contact for detailed information.

Some boards with Place Pins maps have be created for Pinners’ reference, and here is one of the sample maps of The World’s Best Festival:


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

There are points that we like the map:

  • Map colors and style: Since we have already get used to the standard color and styles of Google Maps, we need new map style to inspire us, and this Place Pins Map provides different map colors and font styles from the Google Maps.
  • Pin’s boxes with the image and external link are being located on the right side of the map for providing instant information after user mouse click the related pin on the map.

We like the map though there is still a suggestion towards it: It would be more user-friendly if “Home” button is available for  resetting to default map view.


Additional Information:

As we have mentioned in the above paragraph, there are many world maps created in default map color settings and styles, which actually can be edited in map editors without programming or complicated steps. You can manually edit the all the color settings (e.g. roads, transits, lands) by creating a Styled Google Map.

Video Tutorial: Add Markers with Mouseover Box on Photo

We have introduced creating dynamic images without programming in the previous posts, and here we come to the detailed steps for adding markers on the image with mouseover boxes.

Few steps for adding markers on the image with mosueover dialogue boxes and information boxes:

  • Add markers on the image
  • Edit the markers icon
  • Insert contents (text, video, external link, image) for creating mouseover boxes

More sample maps can be found in our Pinterest!

Create Cross-Platform Interactive Images

Apart from creating interactive maps using map templates, it is also possible to edit interactive image maps using your own customized images, for example, editable tube maps, floor plans for stadium, wayfinder for shopping mall, using image creator. By utilizing the image creator, everyone, even non-programmers, can also set up a dynamic images in few steps by themselves.

Stay tuned to our iiCreator Youtube channel for updated video tutorials that I am sure you would be surprised by how simple for editing images with various features.

If you are looking for ideas to create your own image projects, you may check out our Pinterest for more interactive images that created by others HERE!