Video Tutorial: Create Interactive HTML5 Bubble Chart Map

Bubble chart is used for presenting data in a visually appealing way that you can easily compare the value of each data by looking at the size of the bubbles. Bubble chart combines with interactive map can visualize geographical data, and provide quick comparison of quantities and frequencies between regions or states.

For understanding more how the bubble chart can be used, you may take the following maps as reference:

Interactive US Map: 2013 Interactive Singles Map

Bubble Chart – Worldwide GDP Data (2012)

Here is a video tutorial about creating Bubble Chart in the HTML5 interactive map:

Interactive US Map: 2013 Interactive Singles Map

Recently, an interactive US maps for the ratio of single men and women across the States in different ages have been created and pointed out nearly every single city in the U.S. has more single men than single women in their 20s and early 30s.

Click on the interactive bubble chart to see the data in each State and scroll the timeline on top to select the age group. Maybe you will be surprised by the statistics, but you will get the idea by reading the articles from the map makers.


Interactive bubble chart is very useful for showing data in three dimensions and common in report presentations. iMapBuilder can hints you that this function is going to be launched in the coming months and please stay tuned!