Heat Map: Solar Power in United States

Recently, Solar Power Rocks released its 2013 rankings for states’ commitment to solar power in United States that the ranking was based on a methodology that factors in data regarding solar incentives, policy, infrastructure and metering. Each state was assigned a a grade to indicate how easy or difficult it goes solar.

A heat map in discrete range color was then created to map out the ranking:

As we have mentioned before, there are increasing solar jobs in United States, and it is surprisingly state offers more solar jobs gets higher ranking in this report. You may check out the solar jobs status here.

Solar Jobs in United States

interactive-map-us-solar-jobsThe State Solar Jobs Map is created by The Solar Foundation to display the solar jobs across the United States.

In the interactive map, it showcases that only 80 solar jobs in Alaska, while there are over 43,000 in California. You can get the full details of the solar jobs in the state by clicking the “MORE” button in the infobox. In order to better showcasing the jobs’ distribution across the States, we have created the Heat Map:

As the industry is still developing and has a positive prospect, the salaries will continue to rise, and you may get a well paid if you are a qualified worker.