Sightsmap, Photographed Locations in the World


We are all familiar with Google’s Street View, but if you are interested in the world’s most photographed or most checked-in location, you may have to look for the Google’s Sightsmap.


Sightsmap is displayed in heat map version as default that map users can find the most photographed area in yellow color, and more makers will be displayed by zooming into the region. Photo, streetview, external link to Wikipedia or other webpages will be displayed in the popup box by clicking the marker, that the data is mainly obtained from Panoramio, Wikipedia, and foursquare.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map is just another version of “Street View” that let us explore the world by just leisurely sitting in our room, and the main differences of this Sightsmap with Street View are the images were taken by other people, and much more beautiful, for example you can see the sun set in Paris and the night view of Cologne in Germany at the same time, which Street View cannot satisfy us.

This map is wonderful with thousands images, so at the same time, it may take longer time for loading the heat map. Furthermore, markers in various colors are pinned on the map that map legend is needed for indicating the colors. (Markers in lighter colors represent higher popularity.)

Map users can also user the “trip plan” menu to get help while planning a trip using this map. We found this feature is very useful when you are planning a trip without any prior idea. You can:

  1. Select a starting point on the map
  2. Select spots for visiting
    (Or you can select “recommend” that suggested by the system)
  3.  Click “Show” to see the “Trip itinerary” for details (e.g. travelling time between spots, estimated visiting time in the spot, external links for the spot)
  4. Click “clear” to reset

Overall, this map is informative and useful for planning the trips by providing estimated visiting time, photos, and useful links. Let’s check out the map HERE.

Create Your own Google Maps Street View using Photo Sphere

Google Maps users can now create their own Street View map using photos taken from either Google’s Photo Sphere or a DSLR camera.

First, the users  can upload photos to Google’s Views service, and then select photo spheres from user’s profile and use the new tool to connect the photos with the map. All created Street View maps can be embedded to any websites and applications that using Google Maps API.

Photo Spheres is different from other image viewers as users can freely look up, down, and all around to explore the photos with various angles. If the users are using Android phone, photos can be automatically turned into a seamless 360º experience after capturing.

In the past, we have to waited for the new Street View maps from Google but now we can take a more active role by creating the custom Street View maps by ourselves. Check out more information in Google Maps Street View page below:

Street View Hyperlapse Brings You to a New World

Google Street View gains endless love and support from the users across the globe as it brings us travelling around the world no matter we are working in the office, studying in the library, or even waiting friends in the metro station. Recently, an online tool brings us to another new world by using the Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse makes use of the static Street View images to create customized animated road trip, which means you can now have a car journey around the world in a faster speed.

The idea for this Google Street View Hyperlapse project came from a motion designer, who wanted to explore a tool that could create hyper-lapse videos. Finally the stunning tool and video were created.

You can created your own journey and see how stunning the tool is.