Updated Apple Map Provokes Controversy in Taiwan

Recently, the updated Apple Map has provoked controversy in Taiwan as it states Taiwan as a Chinese province.
The updated operation system of Apple is not welcomed by everyone, and Taiwanese are one of these. In the updated Apple Map, Taiwan is listed as ”Taiwan Province, China” on the map. Taiwan has contacted Apple and demanded for the correction, an official from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday. Furthermore, the simplified Chinese characters in the map app also upset Taiwanese as they write and read in traditional Chinese characters.
On Apple’s website, however, Taiwan is listed in traditional Chinese characters, and referred as a country “province” and “China”.
According to the saying of the Taiwanese official, they are still communicating with Apple, and said they would not compromise about this kind of matter.

Interactive Map: World Acceptance towards Homosexual

As the issue of same-sex marriage becomes a hot topic recently in several countries, for example in the United States, a new Pew Research Center survey finds huge variance by counties question of whether homosexuality should be accepted or rejected by society. An interactive heat map has been created by iMapBuilder to showcase the result.

The survey that conducted in 39 countries reflects broad acceptance of homosexuality in North America, Europe, and much of Latin America. According to statistics, there are obvious increasing people in South Korea, the United States and Canada accept the homosexual with 10% growth since 2007. The survey also claims that religions and age generation are factors towards the acceptance.

Check the following heat map to see which regions have higher acceptance towards homosexual, and you can find more details by watching the embedded videos and news in the infobox.

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