Interactive London Tube Map that Allow You to Hear the Sound of Each Station

We have previously created and shared a London Tube Maps about attractions along the underground, and today we found another interesting interactive sound map for listening various audio tracks of different London Underground stations.

The following Interactive Sound Map is a part of London Sound Survey, an online collection of field recordings, sound maps, early BBC radio actuality, and more that created by archivist Ian Rawes.

interactive london tube sound map
Map users can hear the recording of a specific station by clicking the station name on the tube map, and the file details(e.g. the length of the clip, that date and time when it was recorded, the location, brief description) would be shown above the map while the recording playing.

It is amazing that a tube map can be created with sound, furthermore, more interactive features (e.g. video, mouseover boxes) can be added on the map by utilizing some image editors. If you are thinking to create a similar project like the above one, take action now and share it with us.

Video Tutorial: Create Editable Images without Programming

Previously we had shared maps that created by Google Maps or map templates, and today we would like to share a video tutorial about creating dynamic image maps using your own images. We always receive inquires from organisation (especially educational institutes, web design companies, NGOs) about ways to convert their static images into interactive images using iMapBuilder / HTML5 Map Builder, and here we would like to introduce an interactive image creator, iiCreator, to them.

Similar with other image editor, iiCreator can easily convert static images into interactive images that it supports  JPEG, PNG and shapefiles from GIS software. Interactive features (e.g. markers, labels, polylines, polygons) can be easily added on the custom images without any programming. Created images can be easily published and shared online.

Interactive images are being widely used these days that we can find example like interactive tube map, interactive time zone world map for stock exchanges market, and dynamic flow chart for presentation use.

Video Tutorial: Add Markers to Interactive Image Map

Few weeks before, we have shared an interactive London Tube Map to recommend spots for hanging around, and here we are going to demonstrate how to mimic similar maps using your own image. From the video, you can learn how to add pin with custom images, insert URLs, videos and images to the image and publish it.

Explore London Along Underground

It’s already the mid-July and do you have any plan for utilizing this summer? If you are not interested in outdoor activities and wanna escape from the hot summer, you can explore London along the Tube. We have picked out several hot spots (e.g. British Museum, London Eye, Tower of London) in London and created an interactive tube map that you can mouseover the pins for getting the details.