Interactive Google Maps: The Vancouver Sun’s Map for Seeing Road Conditions in Major Routes

Snow season has arrived Vancouver that it is time for people to pay attention to road conditions when they are going out, especially to those major routes. The Vancouver Sun has then created an interactive map for Metro Vancouver snow report.

In the interactive map, users can mouse click an icon for further information (locations, road condition, comments, and reported time), or enter address to zoom to the neighbourhood for checking the road conditions.


This map is still updating by collecting updates from citizens that map users can report the location of traffic jams, notoriously slippery slopes and other commuter commotions by filling the form here. The map will be active all through the winter season that please keep an eye on it for any updated status.

Source: The Vancouver Sun

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
Simple and user-friendly maps with following features:

Though, there is still a suggestion for this map – enable crowdsourcing function, which allows map users immediately adding icons with information and photos/external links to the map by themselves. This function can encourage people providing information to enrich the map content as they can  instantly see their imported data on the map. Furthermore, it reduces time for map administrator to manually add the pin one by one, and they can easily mass manage the imported pins in the admin panel.