U.S. Map: Minimum Wage Laws in the States

interactive us map minimum wage laws in the states

This interactive U.S. map groups states with various minimum wage laws in different colors, updated on January 1, 2014. You can mouse click the region for details.

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Here are some suggestions for improving the map:

  • directly insert the details in the popup box
  • enable group highlight or create category legend for filtering


Recently, we found a U.S. heat map related to the minimum wage laws for showing how much hours we have to work for affording rent on minimum wage.

us heat map number of hours at minimum wage needed to afford rent

According to the newly released report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition, minimum-wage employees have to work on average 2.6 full-time jobs to afford a decent two bedroom apartment in the USA without paying more than 30% of their income.

However, people in Hawaii (174 hours), Maryland (138 hours), and Washing D.C. (137 hours) have to work for more hours in order to afford the rent when compare to other states, even the states have a higher minimum wage than the federal minimum wage.

The above two maps show higher minimum wage doesn’t translate into housing affordability.

How to create similar heat map for presentation use?
It is very common that we create heat map for statics report with some map features (e.g . popup boxes, group highlight, map legend, labels). By utilizing some mapping software, we could easily import data file and create the maps with few clicks. Here is a video tutorial of creating heat map & bubble chart.

World Map: Gay Marriage in the World

In the past, we have shared several maps about same sex marriage in the United States and world acceptance towards homosexual, and now we have found several maps about the same sex marriage around the world in different countries.

the-gay-marriage-world-mapmap legend for the above world map:gay-marriage-world-map-legend

Since the first legal same sex marriage took place in Amsterdam in 2001, there have been 15 countries (e.g. certain states in US, part of Mexico, Australian Capital territories) legalized it within these 12 years. However, there are still some countries do not accept homosexual (e.g. Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen).

According to below image, it seems that homosexual is more acceptable in Europe that most of the European countries allow same sex marriage, and  same sex unions are allowed.
gay-marriage-in-europePlease note that homosexual can be punished by imprisonment in some of island countries in Oceania:

Source: Business2Community

Map Reviews:
This gay marriage map can be converted into multilevel interactive map that detailed information can be added to each countries with popup infobox, and map legend can be created for indicating various region colors.

Here is a video tutorial about creating multi-level maps:

Video Tutorial: Share and Publish Interactive Images

Few weeks ago, we have introduced steps for creating interactive floor plan, and now we are sharing a new video tutorial about sharing and publishing the created interactive maps online in following ways:

  1. instantly share the image project by hosting it on iiCreator server
  2. upload the image project by hosting it on your own server using FTP settings

Detailed steps can be seen in the following video:

More showcases can be seen HERE.

Video Tutorial: Create Dynamic Pie Chart Map

Mostly, we are used to present/analysis data using heat map or choropleth map, but there are other ways to visualize data (e.g. bubble chart, dynamic bar chart, pie chart map). Here we have prepared a new video about creating pie chart to analysis data and visualize the result on the map. In the video, you will know how to:

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Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Floor Plan

Last time, we introduced how to insert interactive infobox to a photo, and this time we have prepared another video about creating interactive floor plan with mouseover boxes. In the video, you can see steps for:

  • draw polygons
  • edit polygons (e.g. size, position, color)
  • insert infobox to the polygons

Mouse click below image to see the sample floor plan:

Video Tutorial: Add Interactive Infobox with Rich Content in HTML5 Maps

Last month, we have shared a video tutorial about adding markers to HTML5 maps, and here is another tutorial about adding rich-content infobox even you know little or nothing about any coding.

In the updated HTML5 Map Builder, users can now insert images, customize the image position, edit font style, and insert external video into the infobox without coding. Advanced html editor is also provided if users wanna add other features to the infobox.

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Heat Map using Google Maps

This week we have introduced a heat map about current credit status in the United States in Google Maps that we have created a video tutorial about creating similar heat map using Google Maps interface.

In the video, you can see detailed steps for:

  • enable heat map feature in custom Google Maps
  • edit heat map settings
  • add geographic area polygons with heat map values
  • set predefined map view
  • other map settings before publishing the map

Video Tutorial: Add Pins on Google Maps without Programming

Previously we have shared video tutorials about creating custom Google Maps in quick and ways to share the created maps, today we are going to share another video of adding pins(markers) on Google Maps with detailed steps:

Here is an interactive sample map that adding pins by importing data file. You can mouse click each icon to see the detailed information in the popup box.

Video Tutorial: Visualize Region Data by Overlying Bubble Chart on Map

We are familiar with creating heat map (choropleth map) for visualizing data on the map template, though there are other methods to visualize data, for example creating a map with bubble chart. Here is an new video tutorial about importing data and creating dynamic bubble chart on the map.

From the video, you can see steps for

  • importing data file
  • editing data in editor
  • bubble chart settings(e.g. color, opacity, size)
  • create map legend

A dynamic sample map can be found by clicking the following image:

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Flight Map

Because of the high inquiries about steps for creating flight/route maps, we have prepared a new video tutorial about creating interactive flight map with popup box using mapping editor.

The video shows steps of:

  • adding points
  • drawing lines
  • inserting popup boxes

The sample maps can be found at:

Interactive Flight Map (Flash Map)

Interactive Flight Map (HTML5 Map)