Crowdsourced Map for Wedding


Every time we talk about crowdsourcing, we will immediately think of “food”, “bars”, “festivals”,or other entertainment related keywords. Yet, one of our users has inspired us that crowdsourced map can be used as a message board for a wedding party!

We have received an enquiry from our user about using the Google Map as an interactive message board for her wedding. They are going to hold the wedding party in Australia and wanna invite their families and friends, whose are living in different countries. Being bored by the traditional invitation cards and social medias, they have come up with this idea.

Here we have created a similar sample map for reference. We have changed the headings of the crowdsourced map, for example changed the “login person” to “Cupido”. You, can play with this map by login with your email or other social media accounts (e.g. Facebook / Google+ / Twitter).

Interactive maps can be used in various ways, and we are still searching for more new ideas.