US Map: The Racial Dot Map


A Racial Dot Map was developed by Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service from University of Virginia that showcases delineation between racial groups.According to the map, Milwaukee’s place is the most segregated metropolitan are in the United States. The new ranking comes from a recent articles in Business Insider that based on the work of professors John Logan and Brian Stults. You can now check out the map by clicking following image.

In the Racial Dot Map, one dot represents one person that dot colors are indicated in the map legend. Users can enable the map labels for states by clicking the “Add Map Labels” button, and disable the color dots overlay by clicking the “Remove Color-Coding” button on the left hand side of the map.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Simple, informative, and user-friendly data map that users can determine whether looking result of population distribution by racial or not, and select/deselect the labels regarding to their preferences. Popup boxes are not necessary in this kind of maps as too much content will make the map complex and confuse the map users.

Apart from pinning dots on the map, there are other ways for presenting population distribution in this issue that pie chart can be applied on the map by region. Sample maps can be seen by clicking the following map image:


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