World Map: Cities that Climate Change Will Hit First

Climate changes and global warming are always hot topics in our current discussions. The Washington Post has mapped the findings, which is just published in Nature, a scientific journal, and the two maps can be seen below:

Global Temperature Rise With Carbon Dioxide Mitigation

Global Temperature Rise Without Carbon Dioxide Mitigation

According to the new research from University of Hawaii, global temperatures will exceed historical norms as soon as 2047 that it will happen a lot sooner in some places (e.g. 2020 in Manokwari & Indonesia, 2023 in Kingston & Jamaica, 2047 in Washington).

According to the map legend, cities with dark red dots means they are going to be hit by the global warming very soon. Situation in Europe and the United States seem a bit better, but remember that it is better when comparatively saying.

From the above maps, it seems that we cannot avoid the situation, but we can improve the situation and postpone the hit by reducing the Carbon Dioxide.

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