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Create Interactive Maps based on HTML5 or Google Map for Cross-Platform Presentation

Create Interactive Map Online

With GMap Editor, you can easily create clickable maps without software installation and programming knowledge required. Watch the video tutorial for creating custom Google maps online.

Tutorial highlights:

  1. Login to iMapBuilder Online >> Select GMap Editor V2
  2. Create new project >> Set viewport of the map
  3. Add pinpoints to the map >> Edit marker properties
  4. Edit the map embed dimension
  5. Preview & share the map online

User Guide

GMap Editor user guide can always provide you with helpful hints for efficiently creating custom online maps.


Want to know what kind of maps can be created by GMap Editor? Please take the sample maps for reference.

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Easily Create HTML5 Map Online

Create Custom Google Map Online!

GMap Editor is used to create clickable maps with no software installation and programming knowledge as required. The video tutorial can help you to create a simple online map...

Add markers on custom Google map

Add Markers to the Custom Google Maps

In GMap Editor V2, you can add markers by using Search Toolbar, Marker Tool and Importing Data Tool. Check out the video to easily add markers...

Insert image to the popup window in the Custom Google Map

Insert Image into Your Map

To enrich your map, you can insert image(s) to the info box by simply pasting the image URL on the Image Properties or you can edit it on the Advanced HTML code Panel.

Drawing polylines on Google map

Add Polyline to a custom Google map

With GMap Editor, you can draw multiple lines on your map. Also, mouseover info box is allowed to insert on it.

Add Category Legends on Google Map

Add Category Legend to Your Online Map

In Custom Google Map, we can categorize different overlays by enable the Category Legend function. Watch the video or follow the steps ...

Import multiple addresses onto custom Google map

Import multiple addresses to the map online

Need to import multiple address from Excel or CSV into a Custom Google Map? Watch the video demo or follow the steps to import data to your Map...

Create a custom image map online

How to Create a Custom Image Map Online

In GMap Editor V2, you can create an interactive image map online by importing your own image. Check out the video tutorial...

Embed map in WordPress

Embed Custom Google Map in WordPress

You can share the map to any websites or blog once it is published. With iMapBuilder online, all you need to do is to click the publish button...

Create Heat Map

Create a Heat Map in Custom Google Map

Heat Map can be used to visualize date in numerical values by different color in order to show density of data per population density, distribution of values...

Create Crowdsourced Map by GMap V2

Create Crowdsourced Map by GMap V2

Crowdsourcing is an effective way to collect data from different users around the world. In GMap V2, you can easily create and publish the crowdsourcing map...

Create and publish Custom Google Map online

Create and Publish a Custom Google Map Online

Simply create, edit and publish map with iMapBuilder Online - GMap V2. No FTP setup or server required. Everything is automatically saved...

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How to Create HTML5 Map

Create Interactive Map

You can create interactive maps in HTML5 Map Builder, which can be read in tablets and mobile devices. Watch the video tutorial...

Easily create HTML5 map

Easily Create Interactive Map

In iMapBuilder HTML5, you can create interactive map by simply adding numbers of marker. And then, edit the popup infobox content to make it more informative...

add overlays to US County Map

Create HTML5 Map with Adding Shape Overlays

Create a HTML5 map by adding overlays (e.g. markers, polylines, clickable regions) and utilize the functions of them...

Create heat map to US california Map

Clickable Map with Heat Map Features

Heat Map uses a color progression or gradients to depict data per area on the map. You can import the data from databases or Excel files...

Group regions in Netherlands Map

Create Netherlands Map with Grouping Features

You can differentiate groups by enabling the group highlight function. When mouse hovers any regions, the whole groups would be highlighted...

Add some curves to create a clickable map

Create Airline Route Map with Curve Lines

This tutorial demonstrates on how to add curves on the map to create an airline route map. Or, you can learn it by the following instructions...

travel route map

Add Paths to a HTML5 Map

In HTML5 Map Builder, you can add paths on your map to link up different objects. It is also supported HTML infobox. Follow the video tutorial...

Make a Clickable World Map Shows the Continents in HTML5

Make a World Map Shows the Continents

In the World Continents Map, labels added to the map to distinguish 7 continents. Also, the label style can be changed. Watch the video and follow the instructions...

Add Map Legends

Add Legends to a HTML5 Map

Legend is used to show you the meanings of different overlays (e.g. markers, paths, curves) and regions settings. Follow the instructions as below to add legends on your map...

Export an Interactive HTML5 Map as Image

Export a Clickable Map as Image

The new feature of export map as image format file is now available on iMapBuilder HTML5. From now on, you can easily insert the map as image...

Create and Publish a HTML5 Map

Create & Publish a HTML5 Map

With iMapBuilder HTML5 mapping software, you can easily create a map without design and programming skills required...

Add markers to map by latitude longitude

Add Markers to Map by Latitude Longitude

In iMapBuilder HTML5,there are different ways to add markers, e.g. Add maker one by on, import bulk markers. In this tutorial, you can learn how to add markers...

Add company logo in HTML5 map

Add Company Logo on the Map

You can insert any company logo (*png / *jpg) into the HTML5 map by importing custom marker icon. Position and size can be edit in the properties panel...

create clickable region on the map

Draw Polygons on the Map

In iMapBuilder HTML5, you can arbitrarily create clickable regions by drawing the polygons on the map. Then, edit the polygon properties, such as the shape and color...

Sales Territory Map

Create Sales Territory Map

Have to created an interactive sales territory map? By using iMapBuilder HTML5, you can create different kinds of map within a few minutes...

Add bubble chart in an interactive map

Visualize Data Using Bubble Chart on Map

From now on, you can add bubble chart on top of the HTML5 map. It provides you a very convenient way to present bulk data on the map...

Create pie chart in interactive map

Insert Pie Chart to Make Interactive Map

Need to analyze and share a bulk data? iMapBuilder HTML5 can help you to create pie chart to present data in a much easier understand way...

HTML5 Mapping Software

Demo of HTML5 Mapping Software

This video is a quick overview on iMapBuilder HTML5. You will see how to add markers, labels, polylines, rectangles, polygons, map legends and so on.

Embed map to WordPress blog

How to Embed a Map to WordPress Blog

Once you've finished editing the map, you need to publish the map project before upload the published folder to the web server...

Add Cities and Location Dots to US Map

Add Cities and Location Dots to US Map

The new feature of iMapBuilder HTML5 is launched! Now, you can add markers by cities to the HTML5 map...

Create Category Legend on a Map

Create Category Legend on a Map

Category legend is kind of filter for the map objects. You can group markers, lines and polygons in different legends...

Instantly share an interactive map

Share an Interactive HTML5 Map Instantly

With iMapBuilder HTML5 mapping software, there are 2 different ways for you to upload and share the map project...

Create a world map with regions abbreviation

Create World Map with Regions Abbreviation Added

To display the regions name or abbreviation, it is time-consuming if you have to input it one by one. In iMapBuilder HTML5....

Create interactive map using iMapBuilder HTML5

Easily Create an Interactive Map

In iMapBuilder HTML5, you can create interactive map by simply adding numbers of marker. And then, edit the popup infobox...

Easily share an interactive HTML5 map

Publish and Share HTML5 Map

In iMapBuidler HTML5, you can simply share your map by clicking share button. The map project will upload to iMapBuilder cloud server...

Create interactive map with rich content

Create Interactive Map with Rich Content

In iMapBuilder HTML5, you can create interactive map with rich content, including images, videos and rich text. For those users who are not familiar...

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Mapping Softwares

iMapBuilder - HTML5 Map Builder

HTML5 Map Builder creates clickable maps with no programming or design skill required. You can easily make interactive maps, which are viewable on PC, Mac, iPad and mobile devices, with multiple overlays and various map features. Detailed steps can be found in the User Guide.

iMapBuilder online - Custom Google Map Editor

GMap Editor is a cloud-based map making tool without any software installation. You can create maps with various overlays, heat map and crowdsourced map, and share it online. Please refer to GMap Editor user guide for more details.

Try to create Custom Google Map Online!

Interactive Maps Gallery

Various of maps can be created by using the iMapBuilder, for example Heat Map, Custom Image Map, Crowdsourced Map. Check out the Map Gallery to get more ideas and start designing yours.

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