Animated Commute Maps (U.S.A.)


We find a new interactive animated map for showcasing the commute patterns of residents in Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York regions that we can see where the residents go and modes of transport they use on the maps. Since the maps have categorized data according to people’s household income levels, it is interesting to see the commute patterns are various based on different income levels.

In the animated map, residents’ transport modes and the rough locations of their home are represented by colored dots, transit, walk, car, or other modes, and the size of the dots represent the ages. There are two drop down boxes on the top left corners for selecting data from various regions and income levels, and map users can click play button to see the changing of commute pattern all through the day.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Animated map is interesting and informative though we think minor changes can make great improvement:

  • In the map legend, there is an item “Size=Age”, which the definition is a bit confusing to map users. Furthermore, it would be a bit better if item “Other” is placed in the bottom of the selection.
  • It’s a suggestion that category legend can be created for filtering dots, which represent different modes of transport, on the map.

What’s your comment towards this animated map?

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