Custom Google Map: Falling Fruit – Time to Shake the Trees

An interactive custom Google Map has been created for displaying the locations where fruits and veggies are free for taking.

The map was created by Caleb Philips and Ethan Welty, who are the avid foragers, in March. There are thousands location has been pinned on the Google Map, and you can see the clustering number when you zoom out the map. You can see the location details by zooming in and click on the marker. Detailed information, e.g. type of plants, best season to pluck the produce, a link to the species profile on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website, and any additional advice of accessing the location are also being displayed in the infobox.

Since there are countless locations for getting the falling fruit, people are always welcome to provide locations and information, and contribute to the map content. If you have any idea about this topic, you are welcome to play a role in creating this crowdsourced map.interactive-custom-google-map-falling-fruit

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