Heat Map: Suicide Rate in New Jersey

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, and let’s take a quick reviews about the phenomenon in New Jersey, which is focusing prevention efforts on youth. Here we found an heat map and interactive charts for showing some statistic reports about suicides in New Jersey in past years

According to statistics from Centers for Disease Control’s CDC Wonder database, proportion of the population who died by suicide in New Jersey rose in 2010. Though New Jersey’s rate of 8.2 was the third-lowest among all states, and was only higher than New York and the District of Columbia, we cannot neglect the rapid rising suicides rate in NJ. Christopher Kosseff, a clinical psychology professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, pointed out, “It has risen by more than 30 percent in the past 10 years.”

Here is a heat map for showing the suicides in New Jersey in 2006-2010, and you can mouse click the region for detailed statistics:

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families found the opposite trend in looking at youth suicide (ages 10-24) in its latest 2012 Adolescent Suicide Report, which was released last November. According to the report, the suicide rate for youth in 2011 was lower than the rate in 2010, and was also below the national rate.

You can find an interactive bar chart below and mouse hover the bars for details:

 Here is another interactive pie chart that annotating percentages of different suicides methods that caused death in 2006-2010:

We have to take note that suicide issue is still concerning and figure out if any youth education or prevention campaigns are needed or have to be enforced.

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