Interactive Google Maps: Salary Gap between Men and Women in New Jersey


Salary gap between male and female s narrowing in the United States but it seems that the situation in New Jersey is not that optimistic as most of the New Jersey women earn less than 80% then men, shown in U.S. Census data.

The report from the Pew Research Center found that women age 16 and above earned about $0.80 while men earned $1, or the hourly paid for women is $14.90 while hourly paid for men is $17.79. The salary gap among the ages from 25-34 is narrower.

Highlight from the report:

  • 21 municipalities in New Jersey where women earned less than half than men.
  • In some of the state’s wealthiest communities, e.g. Mantoloking, where women earned just 24% of the median man’s salary.
  • Women earned just about 1/3 of what men earned in Sea Girt, Saddle River and Teterboro.
  • Pay gap tends to be most narrow in urban areas close to New York City.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
Features that lead this map to get 4 Stars:

  • Heat map legend clearly indicates heat map values
  • Mouseover infobox for basic information, and mouse click infobox for details
  • Fixed infobox position on the map avoid confusing map users with multiple popup boxes in various positions

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