Real-Time World Map: Who is Dropping F-Bomb on Twitter


Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platform across the globe, and it allows users using “f” words. An online website,, creates an interactive real-time map for tracking the locations where “f” words has been written on Twitter.

The live map is created by Martin Gingras, a┬áComputer Science student from Carleton University, and pins on the map are stated as “F-bombs” that would be dropped on the world map whenever users tweet or retweet curses or message with “f” words. You can mouse click the pins to see the tweets and the Twitter accounts in the popup boxes.

Not surprisingly, twitter users from the US and the UK are most likely to drop “F-Bomb” on the twitter world map, and New Yorkers are the biggest offenders so far.

Purposes of creating this interactive map are not encouraging people to use “f” words, but hopes people would be more responsible and respective by avoiding cursing when they are using social networking platforms.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

  • Interesting live world map that shows the real-time tweets across the globe with tweet contents.
  • Dynamic pin icons that suit the map theme.
  • Simple but already informative enough.

Currently the map only pins tweets that contain “f” words in English. Though some people suggest the creator to develop the map with various languages, I think it is enough at this status.

Check out the real-time world map below and see if you like it and find it interesting:



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