Heat Map: Gender Gap in Science across the Globe

A heat map from UNESCO about the gender gap in science around the globe shows relative equality in parts of South America and Central Asia, and relatively higher inequality in countries like India, France, Germany, and Japan, which is quite surprising that women make up less than a third of researchers in some of these world’s science leading countries.

Meanwhile, the map only presents portion of the situation as it does not reflect the women status in science field in countries like United States, Australia, China.

In conclusion, the map does reflect that the world is not all the same.


U.S.A. Heat Map: Meth Lab Incidents in 2012

Last week, we have shared an interactive map about the distribution of meth labs in the State, and understand that meth is a big problem in the Midwest. Here we find another heat map about the meth lab incidents in 2012.


According to the above heat map,which created using data from the Drug Enforcement Administration, shows that most of America’s meth lab incidents are concentrated in the Midwest and the South.

Bubble Chart Map: Gun Violence in America

How many deaths have been caused by gun crimes? It is not surprising gun violence in the U.S. is a serious problem without easy solution, we still have to pay attention and have a wider scoop for this issue, so here we share an interactive U.S. map, which is created by Slate, for presenting the phenomena. 

The map displays deaths caused by gun since  the murder 20 children and seven adults in Newtown on December 14th. You can mouse click the bubbles on the map and see details in the information box, which is below the map, and then mouse click each “human” icon for detailed descriptions.

The crowdsourced interactive map is incomplete that you can help is by providing more information in your community to Slate with a link to the news report at slatedata@gmail.com.

Heat Map: States for Meeting Rich Person

According to the latest report from Wealth-X and UBS, there are more rich people in the world than ever before, and number of those “ultra-rich” person is growing particularly quickly in the U.S.. Here is a heat map for showcasing states that you are most likely to meet those rich person.
From the heat map, you can see that Wyoming had the highest number of ultra-rich people per capita of any state in 2012.

Heat Map:Student Loan Debt in United States

Heat maps, created by St. Louis Fed, about student loan across the United States have been created for highlighting states that students keep falling behind on their student loans in 2012.

According to the data from St. Louis Fed, students in California and on the East Coast place the top on the chart of “Average Student Loan Debt per Borrower”.

The following heat map shows the student load delinquency rates across the U.S.:

Incidents of Assaults in Orange, Australia

Here is a custom Google Map that showing violence hot spots of domestic abuse in Orange, Australia. Polygons in various colors represent non-domestic assault and domestic assault that based on the data between April 2012 to March 2013.

google-map-incidents-of-assaults-in-orangeClick on the above image ,and mouse click the polygons to get detailed figures.

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive HTML5 Bubble Chart Map

Bubble chart is used for presenting data in a visually appealing way that you can easily compare the value of each data by looking at the size of the bubbles. Bubble chart combines with interactive map can visualize geographical data, and provide quick comparison of quantities and frequencies between regions or states.

For understanding more how the bubble chart can be used, you may take the following maps as reference:

Interactive US Map: 2013 Interactive Singles Map

Bubble Chart – Worldwide GDP Data (2012)

Here is a video tutorial about creating Bubble Chart in the HTML5 interactive map:

Multi-level World Map: World Unemployment Rate in 2012

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report that was released this month, we have created a multi-level world map to display the unemployment situation across the world in 2012. Click on the continent, and then select the countries to see the details.

We simply took the unemployment data to create the maps, and you can get more details from the full report. The maps just give you a glimpse about the status of the labor market, which cannot reflect the full economic picture of the country as other elements are also needed for the consideration, e.g. GDP, consumer price index (CPI), political situation.

Overall, we can still discover the rapid economic growth in Asia, especially China and South Korea, where had lower unemployment rate with higher GDP.

Meanwhile, we should pay attention to Spain and Italy due to the hazardous unemployment rate.