Interactive Maps: Jefferson County Traffic Deaths Reports in 2013

It is almost the end of 2013 that it is time to have a quick review of 2013 (e.g. top check-ins around the world in Facebook), and here we have found another review about traffic deaths in Jefferson County (Louisville, USA) this year. According to the report, traffic deaths spiked 28.7 percent, despite a decline in the rest of Kentucky.

Interactive Maps Jefferson County Traffic Deaths Reports in 2013

From the above interactive Google Maps, map users can find details of the accidents (e.g. location, date, weather condition) by mouse clicking the icon. When compare with 2012, there were more traffic deaths in Jefferson County this year.

Here is a dynamic bar chart for five-years comparison:

Interactive Maps: Top Check-Ins Around The World in Facebook

This Monday, Facebook released a review for 2013 that analyzes trends in 2013, e.g. top life events, most talked topics, top check-ins around. Here we had created an interactive Google Maps that pinpointing top 25 check-ins around the world in Facebook this year. Mouse click the pins to get details, and see if you have also been to these locations this year.

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The Washington Post has also created an interactive US map that pinpoints top 10 check-ins in the United States this year.

Google Map: Current Rural Fire Service in New South Wales, Australia

The New South Wales Fire Service (NSW RFS) is urging the public to prepare and be vigilant with extreme fire weather forecast for much of the state on Thursday, and people can see detailed information about the current rural fire service incidents in the following Google Maps:


World Map: Internet Freedom

A world map about the internet freedom in 2013, which based on the report from Freedom House, has been created and published online.


Form the map, we can see that Middle East remain significantly not free, with Iran and Syria leading that list, while the United States, Australia, several European countries are marked as free. See if you are agree with the data and share your idea to us.

Interactive Tracking Map: Tropical Storm Karen

Tropical Storm Karen is getting close to Alabama’s coast in this weekend that forecasters said Karen could reach the northern Gulf Coast late Saturday or early Sunday.

Here is an interactive tracking map for the tropical storm Karen that you can see the past, current, and expected route of it. Mouse over markers, which various colors represent different status, can see the updated information of Karen.





Real Time Map: Media in United States

A real time US map has been created by Bitly for showcasing the popular media in each state. You can select map according to various media types (newspapers, TV/radio, magazines, online media), and then select the media in the properties legend to view the individual heat map. Mouse click on the region can see the media rankings in that state.


U.S. Map: Same Sex Marriage

Few months ago, we have shared maps about same sex marriage issue in the United States, and after state Supreme Court ruling on September 27, New Jersey becomes the 14th states to issue same sex marriage license since October 21. We found a U.S. map giving you a prompt idea about which states allow same sex marriage.