Interactive Heat Map: Gender Inequality in the World


Here is an interactive heat map showing gender inequality across the world based on each country’s Gender Inequality Index (GII), which according to the number of factors (e.g. maternal mortality rate, the number of seats women hold in government bodies, the labor force participation rate). The lower the GII number, the better gender equality in the country.

According to the map, we can see that gender equality in European countries are higher than countries in other areas as all the top ten are European countries, while the top three are the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. We may be surprised that the U.S. ranks while Canada and U.K. ranks 18 and 34 respectively.

Women in Yemen, Afghanistan, Niger, Saudi Arabia, and Congo are living in the least gender equal society.

Map users can mouseover the countries to see the actual GII in the tooltips and see if you agree with the map. GII is just an index for giving us basic concept about the gender equality in various countries while realistic situation can be various depends on regions (rural areas and cities), how the media treats women, women status in family (e.g. role in parenting and marriage).

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This heat map is simple and net enough for showing the GII report with tooltips however, this map can be more informative by providing detailed information for specific countries (e.g. external links to related news, videos, background information of the country).

Interactive Heat Map: Corruption across the World

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 has been released that it scores 177 countries and territories from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). An interactive heat map with popup boxes has been created:

According to the map, Denmark and New Zealand ranks 1st while Afghanistan, North Korea & Somalia ranks least in the ranking. The U.S. is the 19th least corrupt country, and 2/3 countries score below 50 that indicates how serious and wide spread the corruption is in our current society. Map users can hover the country region to see the ranking, this year and previous year’s scores in the the info boxes.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
Clear heat map with popup infobox, map legend, and pleasant map color settings. Though there is still a minor suggestion for the map if option for enabling countries’ abbreviations is provided since not all the map users can immediately recognized specific country without labels.

Here is another image map for visualizing the data by different circles which darker red refers to higher corruption level. This chart has already categorized countries to different groups by the scores, and larger the circles size means more countries in that score level.


Heat Map: Average Marriage Age across the Globe


According to the data from the UN, it seems that getting married in a later age is a tend across the globe. Here is a heat map shows the average marriage age by country.


According to the map, it reflects the main cause for later marriage age is based on country’s income as people in developed countries (e.g. Western Europe) get marry in a much later age(over 30) than those in developing countries (e.g. Afghanistan in age 20). Women in some developing countries remains getting married in a younger age that 20% of them married by age 18.

According to the data, there are also fewer people getting married, for example in the United States, less than half of American are married and most of babies are born out of wedlock as to married couples.

Though the average marriage is higher and fewer people are married when compare to the past, marriage is still the preferred lifestyle worldwide that 80% of people were married by age 49. People just have to be more patience for forming a new family unit.

Map Reviews: 3/5 Stars

This heat map can presents the data in dynamic ways as well. After enabling heat map feature and adding map legend, info boxes can be added to specific regions for enriching the map content with detailed information (e.g.  bar chart in United States, images in Westerna Europe, external links for the UN).