Best Coffee in NYC by Subway Stops


We have shared various subway maps, no matter those are interactive or static, all the time since subway maps are so common and important to us in our daily life, especially to those who take subway everyday. Here we have found another useful subway map for busy New Yorkers to check out the best coffee around you by subway stops.

This NYC subway map is created by Butterfruit Labs that shows the best coffeehouses in Manhattan by subway stops. The standards of being “the best coffeehouse” are equipment they used, the type/source of beans, stop proximity, and reviews from both customers and professionals. You may find that Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks maybe in the map since some locations do not have great options other than these two.

Let’s try all the best coffee in town by following the map!
best coffee in new york cityMap Reviews: 3.5/5Stars
Subway map is the best material to create interactive image for various purposes, e.g. introduce attractions by stop, share audios/videos by stop, or introduce best coffee/restaurants by stop. This map is useful and informative to those living in NYC, especially those coffee-addicts.
Last year, we have shared an interactive Kuala Lumpur map of independent cafes, which provides detailed information for each cafe in pop-up boxes. Similarly, the above subway map can be more informative and interesting by converting it into dynamic images with tooltips/description boxes.
Furthermore, category legends can be created for categorizing those chain stores and independent cafes.
Let’s see if any interactive subway maps will be created in the future for another topics, and please feel free to share your findings to as well!

CafeHop KL: Map for Independent Cafes in Kuala Lumpur

CafeHop KL, an online map for independent cafes in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is created, and printed version will be available for free at selected cafes from September 21, 2013 onwards.

Cafes on the map are chosen based on combinations of good coffee, food, service and environment for cafe lovers to spend quality time in quality place. Besides , CafeHop KL is also meant to be a platform for independent cafes for becoming more visibility.  Mouseover the markers on the map / cafe names in the list for seeing the details, or search cafes by entering name/address in the search box.