Interactive Map Shows How Boston Startups are Similar to Silicon Valley


The following interactive map of Boston startups may be surprised you that it reveals Boston is resembling the tech scene in Silicon Valley.

interactive boston map techscene

This interactive Boston Techscene map is created by Jay Batson, based information from Crunchbase, for visualizing the density of Boston startups in greater Boston area. According to this map, it unveils more than 600 startups have raised abount $4.8 billion, and created abount 14,500 jobs in a decade.

You can now find job postings or find press releases about startups using the map by selecting the points on the map or in the marker list.

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
We like this map, includes the map theme, the usages, the map color settings, and present of the marker list. However, it would be better if there is clustering feature, and improved performance for the filtering function.

Since there are over 600 points on the map, it would be better present those points with clustering, which is a way to group markers on the map based on factors, such as proximity or map data that makes the map leaner and cleaner without flooding with overlapping markers. You can get more idea about clustering in the following video:

US Map: States Renamed for Countries with Similar GDPs

Recently, we have shared various interesting & hilarious U.S. maps about new states’ names in our twitter and pinterested.

Here we have found another U.S. map about renaming states names to other countries with similar GDPs.

us map states renamed for countries with simkilar GDPs

The map is created using data in 2012. In 2012, California, the largest state economy in U.S., was the 9th largest economy in the world, which was just slightly below Italy’s GDP in the same year. So you can see that California is renamed as “Italy” in this map. Furthermore, Texas is renamed as “Australia”, which is the world’s 13th largest country by GDP.

You can check out the map to see which country produced similar GDP as your state in 2012.

Here is a similar map using data in 2007 that you may compare the differences between two maps.

us map states renamed for countries with similar GDPs 2007

Please note that economy atmosphere in both the U.S. and the globe were different in 2007 & 2012 that we could not simply comment if the economy in specific state was good or bad just based on the map as further study and comparison are needed.

Feel free to share your views toward these maps or tell us if you have amazed by the maps.

Interactive US Map: The Most “Pleasant” Days in a Year

Have you ever counted how many pleasant days or sunny days you can enjoy in the U.S. per year? Here is an interactive map that presents the analysed result for your reference, and it is unsurprising that South California is the best state to enjoy pleasant days.

This interactive map is created by Kelly Norton, a designer and software engineer in Atlanta, using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the past 23 years. According to the criteria of Norton, a “pleasant” day should be:

  • mean temperature between (55° F and 75° F)
  • temperature between 45-85 ° F
  • no significant precipitation or snow depth

us map pleasant days per year

According to the map, the top five pleasant places in America are Los Angeles, San Diego, Oxnard, Simi Valley, and San Francisco, which are all in California that residents there can enjoy over 150 pleasant days per year. Conversely, residents in MC Allister, Northeast of Reno, Clancy, and Douglas can only enjoy around 15 pleasant days per year.

Please note that the criteria of Norton is subjective and based on his own experience. Let’s check out the map and see if you agree with him or not.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map presents an interesting survey result on a neat and simple interface that all cities are being represented by circles, and further information with a bar chart can be found in the mouseover box.
The map is user-friendly enough with a search box for searching places using zip code, though it will be better if it also support searching by addresses.
There is also a little suggestion for the map that a key legend can be created for indicating the circles’ colors as darker blue represents city with more pleasant days while lighter blue represents fewer pleasant days.
Overall the map is interesting and quite informative, though not very objective, with nice design. More similar maps can be created using custom images by utilizing some image editors.

Heat Map: Serious Drought in California

Currently, United States is facing extreme weather, the polar vortex, and people may not notice the serious drought problem in California. Following is a heat map, released by the National Drought Mitigation Center, reminding us to face the serious drought problem in California.
california-drought-mapFrom the above map, we can see that the wetness percentile in California is below 2 that nearly 90 percent of the state is suffering from extreme drought.

Heat Map: Unemployment in California

Last week, we have introduced an interactive map about unemployment in Oregon, today we found another heat map showcases unemployment status in California.


Form the above heat map, we can see that unemployment issue is quite serious in interior areas while the situation is more optimistic in coastal areas that mainly due to the uneven distribution of economy activities. Check out the map and see if you agree with the saying or not.

Interactive Map: Gay Marriage in the United States


Last month, we have shared a U.S. map about same sex marriage in the States after New Jersey became the 14th states to issue same sex marriage license since October 21. Here is another interactive map for showing the updated status that states recognizes same sex marriage after Hawaii joining the line this week.


This week, Hawaii becomes the 16th state to legalize same sex marriage. Apart from California and Washington, states that recognize gay marriage are still mainly located in the Northwest, the West Coast and the Upper Midwest, which can be seen from the above map.


Map Reviews: 2/5 Stars

It is a very simple map that simply highlight those states that recognize same sex marriage. This map can be more informative if:

  • Mouse click description box provides more information or contains an inserted URL to related webpage.
  • States could be categorize into “legalized”, “to be legalized” and “not legalized”, and create category legend for filtering.

Related article about same sex marriage can be seen at:
US Map: Democratic Senator Supports Same-Sex Marriage
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United States Map: States of Shame

Here we found a map, which based on Census data, U.S. Health rankings, and some snark, about the the biggest failure of each state in America.


Here are some highlights of the map:

  • State for serious air pollution:  California
  • State for drunk driving: Montana
  • State with largest homeless population: Oregon
  • State with the most crimes: Nevada
  • State with highest unemployment rate: Michigan

Check out the map and see if you are agree of it or not.

U.S. Map: Arsenic in Drinking Water

According to the post in the New York Times last weekDeborah Blum claimed that arsenic seeps into groundwater could be poisoning to those who drink it.

Now, researchers are taking more attention to drinking water, from Southwestern states (e.g. Nevada) to upper Midwest and New England. Water in parts of the Central Valley of California has been be found to be tainted with arsenic as well. Here is a U.S. map, which bases on the U.S. Geological Survey, displays where there is arsenic in the drinking water. Check it out and get more idea about the water you are drinking and using now.


Heat Map:Student Loan Debt in United States

Heat maps, created by St. Louis Fed, about student loan across the United States have been created for highlighting states that students keep falling behind on their student loans in 2012.

According to the data from St. Louis Fed, students in California and on the East Coast place the top on the chart of “Average Student Loan Debt per Borrower”.

The following heat map shows the student load delinquency rates across the U.S.: