Interactive NYC Crime Map

Sunday, the New York City Police Departmentand NYC’s Information Technology and Telecommunications Department have created a new online crime map for displaying locations of major crimes(e.g. murder, robbery, rape, burglary) have occurred that users can search locations by ZIP code, address or police precinct. It is believed that this crime map system can help New Yorkers and other map users to better understand locations of major crimes that are consistent.

This map can be viewed in several levels: Precinct Map, Graduated Point Map, and Heat Map.

Precinct Map

Graduated Point Map

Heat Map

The heat map shows the concentration of crimes, which are measured by how many occurrences there are per 1000 residents, with least to most depicted ranging in a pale orange to a rust color in a given area.

Users can always search data by the current year, the prior year, and by month within the current year, that currently we can find information from January 2012 to October 2013. This NYC Crime Map will regularly update by week.

Interactive Crime Map: Denver


Nowadays,we can find various interactive crime maps online for getting updated information in our cities/neighborhoods, but actually not all the crime maps are informative and user-friendly. Here we find an interactive crime map of Denver, the capital of the U.S. state of Colorado, and see if this crime map is useful enough.

Denver Post Crime App is an interactive map and charts for investigate crime trends in Denver neighborhoods. Since there are many features in the map, let’s explore it in following steps:

  1. Select a date range of up to 31 days on the top left corner, and then you can see the updated daily crime bar chart on the top of the map.
  2. Mouseover the bar to see the total number of crimes  in each day.
  3. The interactive map aims for showing the crime trends in all Denver by neighborhood that you can see the analysis result by various colors: regions in red represent increasing crimes and regions in green represents decreasing crimes.
  4. Mouse click the region, and then click the inserted URL in the popup box.
  5. After clicking the URL, map users will be directed to the neighborhood map, which has been pinned with multiple markers with different colors, which represent various crime types: violent, property, and others.
  6. Detailed information of individual crime can be seen by mouse clicking the marker.
  7. There is a categories legend on the right of the map that map users can select specific categories by checking the checkbox.
  8. There is a crime statistics report at the bottom of the map for displaying the types, locations, and time of the crimes in that neighborhood.
  9. Map users can go back to the Denver map by clicking the “Reset map and data” button on the top right corner.

You can now try the interactive map by clicking following image:

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

  • Easy for searching information from different neighborhood with mulit-level map design.
  • Detailed information with bar chart and statistic report.
  • Categories legend serves as a filtering feature.

Though the map can be improved if map users can be directly directed to the neighborhood after clicking the region since the popup box with the inserted URL is a bit superfluous and meaningless.

Overall, there are few crime maps are really informative, and it ‘s one among the minority.


Clickable Bike Map: Incident Map Tracks Incidents & Crimes

An Interactive Incident Map for cyclists has been created to track traffic incidents and bike thefts on a daily to weekly basis in Metairie, Louisiana.

Hotspots have been pinned on the map in different icons regarding to categories, bike incidents or bike thefts, and map users can filter the categories they want by checking the box in the legend. Furthermore, various bike lane has been marked on the map in different colors and the annotations can be seen in the map legend. More details for the individual crime can be found by clicking the inserted external link of each marker. Check out the locations in the following map:

Interactive bike maps are usually used for presenting the best or recommended bike lanes for the cyclist, and this updated incident map helps cyclist to better plan their routes with the updated searching function.