In Flight, Tracks All the Planes in the Sky

We have experienced being trapped in the airport because of the flight delay or cancellation. Today, The Guardian launched an interactive live map for showing all the planes currently (or flights within 24 hours) in the sky across the globe that passengers can now track the flights.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
It is an interesting and stunning interactive map for seeing all the planes are currently flying in the sky. However, the loading of the map is not that smooth due to the large data source. Furthermore, you cannot use this map for tracking your delayed flight as it is not an informative tool map.

Real-Time US Map of Travelers to See how Screwed Up the Flights are in Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is just in the corner that many of people are rushing to airports for catching their flights. However, it is frequent and normal that we are being stuck in the airports due to the flight delay or cancellation. The following Misery Map is an informative real time map for tracking weather patterns and the results of flight delays across the United Stated.


FlightAware’s Misery Map was launched in August that you can view the data in real-time or track the history (couple of days) of flight delays and cancellation by moving the timeline in the bottom of the map.

Travel officials expect about 3 million people to venture by plane, and already hundreds of flights have been canceled and thousands have been delayed. According to the Weather Channel, the nor’easter will affect about 58 million people over 2.5 million square miles by the time it lets up on Thanksgiving.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

This real-time map is informative and user-friendly that users can track the flight by entering airline name and flight number on the top right corner for searching. The interface of he map is user-friendly and easily to use as well, for example it clearly shows the updated flight status on the right column that informing number of flights have been delayed or cancelled. Users can also mouse click related airport pin for seeing the real-time flight route.
Weather’s condition is also displayed on the map that users can clearly see how the storm affect the flights.

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Flight Map

Because of the high inquiries about steps for creating flight/route maps, we have prepared a new video tutorial about creating interactive flight map with popup box using mapping editor.

The video shows steps of:

  • adding points
  • drawing lines
  • inserting popup boxes

The sample maps can be found at:

Interactive Flight Map (Flash Map)

Interactive Flight Map (HTML5 Map)

How the United States Was Like to Fly in the Roaring ’20s

This map is produced by Rand McNally for showing the transcontinental air travelers of the Roaring ’20s, and it charts the 48-hour trip from New York to San Francisco. It shows not only the flight route but also the major American landmarks passengers would fly by on the way. On the back of the map, Rand McNally included a weather map, a “Certificate of Flight” log passengers could fill out as they went. Being as a souvenir, do you want one?


Interactive Flight Map: Inspire Me – Find Your Next Destination

interactive-world-map-emirates-inspire-me(2)Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, has launched an interactive world map for users to find their next journey.

Users can search for their next destination that matches their personal preferences, including date, types of activities, temperatures of the destination, and duration of the flight time. The map will then sort the destinations that meet your criteria with the flight price and details on the map.

It is very common to create map with pins that including images and external links. Here is a video tutorial about creating the similar custom Google Map: