How to Create Dynamic Convention Center Floor Plan

Thinking of creating a new floor plan for the convention center? Wanna insert more information in the tiny image? Looking for improving the current map with dynamic features? Do not know how to upload a map project using FTP settings? You may now refer to the following sample map for more ideas.

This interactive floor plan is created using image editor that everyone, even those programming beginners, could create dynamic images without coding. You can utilizing tools inside the editor to add interactive features, e.g. popup boxes, external link, filtering.

One of the most attractive and useful tools is the “instantly share image” button that you could instantly upload the image file and get the map link/map embedding code with one click, so users could publish their images even they do not have a hosting account.

Updated version v4.90 has just released that you can add social network buttons (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) on map. Check out the latest version HERE.

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Floor Plan

Last time, we introduced how to insert interactive infobox to a photo, and this time we have prepared another video about creating interactive floor plan with mouseover boxes. In the video, you can see steps for:

  • draw polygons
  • edit polygons (e.g. size, position, color)
  • insert infobox to the polygons

Mouse click below image to see the sample floor plan:

Interactive Emergency Evacuation Map

Have you ever paid attention to emergency evacuation maps in your housing estates, offices, shopping malls, hotels, airplanes? Are you sacred by those complicated and packed routes? Here we have prepared an interactive but simple emergency evacuation map that map users can select specific route by mouse hovering the item in the legend box, and then related information will be displayed on the map.

Click the below image for the dynamic map and detailed steps for creating it:

Interactive Office Floor Plan with Category Legend

Are you looking forward to create or renew your office floor plan with interactive feature but have no idea about it? We have recently created a new sample map with category legend (single selection feature), and please click the following image for the detailed steps:


Here is a video tutorial about creating interactive floor plan using iiCreator:

Interactive Floor Plan for Car Exhibition

There are increasing people create dynamic floor plan for various purposes, e.g. office floor plan, shopping mall map, exhibition or showcase floor plan. Here is a sample floor plan for car exhibition that you can mouseover colored rectangles for additional information in the pop up infobox and you will find that it is never complicated to create once by yourself with the assistant of image editor.

Click the below image to see the interactive floor plan:

Create Interactive Image Maps by Using Custom Images

We have introduced creating various interactive maps by using HTML5 map templates or Google Maps before, and there are continuous inquiries about creating editable image maps by using own images recently. And here are some examples for creating custom image maps with the assistance of mapping software.

Mapping software supports importing JPG, PNG, and GIF images, and you can easily start adding overlays on the image after importing it into the mapping tool. You can pin markers or draw clickable regions on the image, and then insert info box for adding description. Custom image maps are mostly used for creating floor plan for office, convention map, campus map and more. According to the theme or usage of the image maps, you can import custom marker icons for indicating different locations, for example icon for churches, hospitals or colleagues. Categories map legends can be added for indicating the markers and you can filter specific markers according to your needs.

By using the map editor, you can also create maps similar to the following Interactive Tri-Cities Community Resource Map, which showcases community resources in Canada:


There is HTML5 custom map builder can create custom HTML5 image maps, and we are going to launch the video tutorial for it very soon. Stay tuned for the latest news!