Interactive Globe Map for Sea Currents

Last month, we have shared an interactive earth wind map, which aroused interested about live animated maps among our readers. Here we have found another live animated earth map about ocean currents.

This animated map, created by Tokyo-based Cameron Beccario that based on data by NOAA’s Global Forecast System, shows the live ocean currents across the globe that users can drag and zoom in to find out an ocean current in all its grandeur.
live earth map ocean current

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Interactive China Map: How Chinese Travelling Home for Lunar New Year


This Friday (31 Jan) is the new year day of Lunar New Year in China, which means it is the beginning of “Chunyun”, a holiday that people travelling home for family gathering. Here is an interactive China map, created by Baidu, for tracking all congestion.

Basically, it is a hell for travelling during this period, and BBC has mentioned that Beijing’s major train stations is know as “the busiest place on the planet” with horrible traffic jams. In order to keep tracking the congestion, Baidu (similar to Google in China) has launched the interactive live map for updating all the trips in each hour. Map users can also search data by date, time, and city. There are also charts list out the most popular cities for arrive at/departure. Currently, Beijing is the main target city that Chinese are travelling to, and Chongqing is the second most popular city. Meanwhile, Beijing is also the most popular city for departure, which is understandable that most of the Chinese work in capital and travel back to home for celebrating festival. So it is not surprisingly that Shanghai places second in the list.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
Though this live map provides useful information, but it is only useful to Chinese or those who knows Chinese as the map does not support other languages, e.g. English. Furthermore, the map does not support pan and zooming that users can either search cities in the search box or mouse click the cities in the chart.

In Flight, Tracks All the Planes in the Sky

We have experienced being trapped in the airport because of the flight delay or cancellation. Today, The Guardian launched an interactive live map for showing all the planes currently (or flights within 24 hours) in the sky across the globe that passengers can now track the flights.


Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
It is an interesting and stunning interactive map for seeing all the planes are currently flying in the sky. However, the loading of the map is not that smooth due to the large data source. Furthermore, you cannot use this map for tracking your delayed flight as it is not an informative tool map.

Real-Time U.S. Map: Births and Deaths in America


Are you curious about how many babies born in America per day? Or are you wondering how many deaths across the States per day? Following real-time U.S. map tells you that there is a new birth every 10 seconds and a death every 13 seconds in average in America.

The real-time simulation map is developed by Brad Lyon and Bill Snebold, using data from Census Bureau. Infobox will be automatically popped up based on the data, and there are lists of total births and deaths since the simulation started. Map users can also get details  of specific county by mouse hovering it. Map users can also mouseover an item in the birth or death list to see the popped up box of the associated county on the map.


America is also facing the aging population issue that the birth rate is the lowest since 1930s, and Americans above the age of 50 will comprise a larger percentage in the future. Currently, there are about 53 million youth (18-29 years old) in the U.S., which is around 17% of the total population.

Source: PolicyMic

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
Very informative live map with rich content. It is user-friendly that map users can clear the simulation record by clicking the “Restart Simulation” button, trace back the previous data by scrolling the birth/death lists beside the map.
It is interesting to see the real-time birth and death status across the State and you may be amazed by how interesting our lives are.