Interactive US Map: The Most “Pleasant” Days in a Year

Have you ever counted how many pleasant days or sunny days you can enjoy in the U.S. per year? Here is an interactive map that presents the analysed result for your reference, and it is unsurprising that South California is the best state to enjoy pleasant days.

This interactive map is created by Kelly Norton, a designer and software engineer in Atlanta, using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the past 23 years. According to the criteria of Norton, a “pleasant” day should be:

  • mean temperature between (55° F and 75° F)
  • temperature between 45-85 ° F
  • no significant precipitation or snow depth

us map pleasant days per year

According to the map, the top five pleasant places in America are Los Angeles, San Diego, Oxnard, Simi Valley, and San Francisco, which are all in California that residents there can enjoy over 150 pleasant days per year. Conversely, residents in MC Allister, Northeast of Reno, Clancy, and Douglas can only enjoy around 15 pleasant days per year.

Please note that the criteria of Norton is subjective and based on his own experience. Let’s check out the map and see if you agree with him or not.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map presents an interesting survey result on a neat and simple interface that all cities are being represented by circles, and further information with a bar chart can be found in the mouseover box.
The map is user-friendly enough with a search box for searching places using zip code, though it will be better if it also support searching by addresses.
There is also a little suggestion for the map that a key legend can be created for indicating the circles’ colors as darker blue represents city with more pleasant days while lighter blue represents fewer pleasant days.
Overall the map is interesting and quite informative, though not very objective, with nice design. More similar maps can be created using custom images by utilizing some image editors.

Interactive Homicide Report for Los Angeles

There is an interactive map for homicide reports in Los Angeles County that any death deemed a homicide by the coroner’s office will be included in the report.

This interactive report is a clustering map that map users can zoom in the map by clicking the bubble. Detailed information of the individual homicide (e.g. report of the case, updated news of the arrests, and court trials) can be seen by selecting a specific point on the map.

Heat map overlay is also applied on the map for highlighting regions in various homicide levels.


Since 2007, 33% of the deaths in L.A. come from the African American community that gun violence accounted for 74% of it. (We have previously shared another U.S. map about gun violence.)

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This interactive map is very informative and user-friendly that provides detailed information for individual case on a neat and simple interface. Clear and simple interface are key elements when creating a map, and here are some highlights for this map:

  • Clustering feature helps simplifying numerous points on the map
  • Category legend is provided for user to disable useless information on the map
  • Heat map layer in light and soft color tone keep the map looks simple
  • Heat map legend is provided for indication

As an interactive report, this map is easy to navigate and valuable for residents to keep tracking the safety status in their community.

Animated Commute Maps (U.S.A.)


We find a new interactive animated map for showcasing the commute patterns of residents in Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York regions that we can see where the residents go and modes of transport they use on the maps. Since the maps have categorized data according to people’s household income levels, it is interesting to see the commute patterns are various based on different income levels.

In the animated map, residents’ transport modes and the rough locations of their home are represented by colored dots, transit, walk, car, or other modes, and the size of the dots represent the ages. There are two drop down boxes on the top left corners for selecting data from various regions and income levels, and map users can click play button to see the changing of commute pattern all through the day.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Animated map is interesting and informative though we think minor changes can make great improvement:

  • In the map legend, there is an item “Size=Age”, which the definition is a bit confusing to map users. Furthermore, it would be a bit better if item “Other” is placed in the bottom of the selection.
  • It’s a suggestion that category legend can be created for filtering dots, which represent different modes of transport, on the map.

What’s your comment towards this animated map?

United States Map: States of Shame

Here we found a map, which based on Census data, U.S. Health rankings, and some snark, about the the biggest failure of each state in America.


Here are some highlights of the map:

  • State for serious air pollution:  California
  • State for drunk driving: Montana
  • State with largest homeless population: Oregon
  • State with the most crimes: Nevada
  • State with highest unemployment rate: Michigan

Check out the map and see if you are agree of it or not.

Los Angeles Most Dangerous Intersections

Los Angeles city is taking steps to make 53 dangerous intersections safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Here is an interactive map shows locations of those dangerous and considers dangerous interactions

You can search dangerous intersections around you using the search box, and the category legend for filtering if needed. Mouse click the pins on the map can see the comment from others and the provided image for additional information. This map is still developing that you can contribute by submitting your an intersection.

Check out the map at:



Heat Map: Dining Outside in Chicago

Do you like dining outside in Chicago with laughter and friends? A Chicago heat map is created how showcasing which wards are popular with outdoor dining. Mouseover the map to explore detailed figures for each ward.

Similar interactive heat map can be created by yourself using map editors. There are various State map templates you can select from the map template library, and then you insert heat map values or import data file into regions. Here is another sample map for hotel distribution in California:

Create Interactive Custom Images Supports Cross-Platform

We have mentioned last mouth that we could create interactive custom image maps that support cross-platform (e.g. tablets / mobile devices) by using several online mapping software. Since some people would prefer host their image projects on their own server and prefer owning a software rather than joining hosting plan, and now you may try create your own clickable image diagrams by using the iiCreator.

With the assistance of software, you can create images maps link the following transit map:

Interactive Google Map: Los Angeles Book Festival

interactive-google-map-los-angeles-literaryIn order to promote the upcoming Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Los Angeles Times has created an interactive Google Map for the festival that the map is still updating.

Locations of some literary landmarks and bookstores are pinpointed, and you can get the brief introduction with images and direction to it by clicking the icon. The festival is going to be held on April 20-21 in Los Angeles, and don’t miss the chance if you will be there in this weekend.

Have you been inspired by the above custom Google Map, and want to create one for your upcoming activities / events? Here is a video tutorial about creating your own custom Google Map by just few steps, and your created map will be very much similar to the LA Book Festival Map: