US Map of the Least Popular Musicians By State

This morning, we have just posted a U.S. map about the most popular musicians by state on our Twitter, and we find another map about the least popular one today.

us map the least popular musician by state

Don’t be surprised by seeing “Buckcherry” on every state as the result is based on the experiment by Daniel Hill that the detailed story can be seen HERE.

Second Language in London


It is common that hearing people chatting beside English in London, and here is a London map created for presenting the second language in London, and the distribution of it.

The following London map is created by Neal Hudson, who used the 2011 census recreate as data to create the map. You cam check out the 2nd dominant language in your community using the map. Mao Legend is provided for annotation.

Map Reviews: 3/5 stars

For my first impression, this map is a bit complex because of the multicolored polygons and labels that I could not get the message from the first instance. Fortunately, the color opacity of the regions are not 100% as it would definitely mess up the map image. Since map legend has already created for indicating the colors, labels can be omitted to keep the map image clean and neat.