World Map: Gay Marriage in the World

In the past, we have shared several maps about same sex marriage in the United States and world acceptance towards homosexual, and now we have found several maps about the same sex marriage around the world in different countries.

the-gay-marriage-world-mapmap legend for the above world map:gay-marriage-world-map-legend

Since the first legal same sex marriage took place in Amsterdam in 2001, there have been 15 countries (e.g. certain states in US, part of Mexico, Australian Capital territories) legalized it within these 12 years. However, there are still some countries do not accept homosexual (e.g. Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen).

According to below image, it seems that homosexual is more acceptable in Europe that most of the European countries allow same sex marriage, and  same sex unions are allowed.
gay-marriage-in-europePlease note that homosexual can be punished by imprisonment in some of island countries in Oceania:

Source: Business2Community

Map Reviews:
This gay marriage map can be converted into multilevel interactive map that detailed information can be added to each countries with popup infobox, and map legend can be created for indicating various region colors.

Here is a video tutorial about creating multi-level maps:

US Wineries Map

US Wineries Map

If you are a wine lover and would like to know more about the wineries details across the United States, you would find the above bubble chart map very useful.

The multi-level interactive map is created with bubble chart that the size of the bubble indicates amount of wineries in that region. You can click on the regions and zoom in to the Google Map for wineries’ names and locations.

There is a timeline scrollbar for the map that you can compare distribution of wineries in various decades, and you won’t be surprised by the rapid wineries development in California.

Multi-level World Map: World Unemployment Rate in 2012

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report that was released this month, we have created a multi-level world map to display the unemployment situation across the world in 2012. Click on the continent, and then select the countries to see the details.

We simply took the unemployment data to create the maps, and you can get more details from the full report. The maps just give you a glimpse about the status of the labor market, which cannot reflect the full economic picture of the country as other elements are also needed for the consideration, e.g. GDP, consumer price index (CPI), political situation.

Overall, we can still discover the rapid economic growth in Asia, especially China and South Korea, where had lower unemployment rate with higher GDP.

Meanwhile, we should pay attention to Spain and Italy due to the hazardous unemployment rate.

Create a Multi-level United States Map

As there are increasing inquiries about creating the interactive drill-down maps, we have created a sample map with a video tutorial for detailed demonstration. Let’s take the United States map as an example, and create two drill-down maps to California County and New York County.

First, we created three map projects by using the map templates of United States, California County, and New York County. After we have created and saved the maps, uploaded them to the server separately. And then insert the map links of the California County map and the New York County map into the corresponding regions in the United States map.

Finally, when you click on the California region, the California map will be loaded.


You can now try to create your own multi-level maps according to the guides above.