Usable Restroom Along MTA NYC Subway

Few weeks ago, we have share an NYC Subway map about best coffee by stop, and today we would like to share another one about usable restroom along the subway.


This MTA New York City Subway map about usable restroom is created along with a YouTube video created by Eron Watt to show those 48 subway restrooms he visited from 2009-2014. Out of NYC’s 468 subway stations, only 129 of them claim to have restrooms, and many of them are locked, though MTA spokesman claimed that the only times restrooms are locked is from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. for cleaning purposes and prevention of crime, except when they are under construction.

Here is the video produced by Eron Watt:

Best Coffee in NYC by Subway Stops


We have shared various subway maps, no matter those are interactive or static, all the time since subway maps are so common and important to us in our daily life, especially to those who take subway everyday. Here we have found another useful subway map for busy New Yorkers to check out the best coffee around you by subway stops.

This NYC subway map is created by Butterfruit Labs that shows the best coffeehouses in Manhattan by subway stops. The standards of being “the best coffeehouse” are equipment they used, the type/source of beans, stop proximity, and reviews from both customers and professionals. You may find that Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks maybe in the map since some locations do not have great options other than these two.

Let’s try all the best coffee in town by following the map!
best coffee in new york cityMap Reviews: 3.5/5Stars
Subway map is the best material to create interactive image for various purposes, e.g. introduce attractions by stop, share audios/videos by stop, or introduce best coffee/restaurants by stop. This map is useful and informative to those living in NYC, especially those coffee-addicts.
Last year, we have shared an interactive Kuala Lumpur map of independent cafes, which provides detailed information for each cafe in pop-up boxes. Similarly, the above subway map can be more informative and interesting by converting it into dynamic images with tooltips/description boxes.
Furthermore, category legends can be created for categorizing those chain stores and independent cafes.
Let’s see if any interactive subway maps will be created in the future for another topics, and please feel free to share your findings to as well!

Create Your Personal City Maps

Which map are you using when you are travelling? A map insides a tour guide book? A city map from tourist information centre? Or simply use Google Maps? Have you ever had an experience that you got lost and had no idea about where should go even you are holding the map on hand? You may be confused by thousand information on the map that is not really useful for your trip. Now, you can customized your own city maps using Suggestme.

In the Suggestme website, you can create your personal city map by selecting your favorite places on the map according to different categories (e.g. attractions, nightlife, shopping, entertainment, with children). Suggestion data on the website comes from tweets, Facebook mentions, and foursquare checkins. If there are locations that not being suggested on the map, you can also add custom places on the map.

This website also provides many information about the locations that you can find brief introduction of the location, photos that taken by visitors, mentions by others on various social media, daily weather report, and even suggestions near the locations.

After selecting all your favorite locations, you can print the map as a waterproof folded paper map in full color, and take it out during your trip. Meanwhile, the map can also be downloaded as a PDF for free.

Currently there are 21 cites can be selected, includes Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, London, New York, Paris, Prague.

It is interesting that we can customize our own travelling maps that free of charge. But please also bear in mind that most of the suggestions form the website are about restaurants and clubs. If you are interested in attractions and country parks, you may have to add custom points.

Start creating your own map by clicking following map:


Interactive NYC Crime Map

Sunday, the New York City Police Departmentand NYC’s Information Technology and Telecommunications Department have created a new online crime map for displaying locations of major crimes(e.g. murder, robbery, rape, burglary) have occurred that users can search locations by ZIP code, address or police precinct. It is believed that this crime map system can help New Yorkers and other map users to better understand locations of major crimes that are consistent.

This map can be viewed in several levels: Precinct Map, Graduated Point Map, and Heat Map.

Precinct Map

Graduated Point Map

Heat Map

The heat map shows the concentration of crimes, which are measured by how many occurrences there are per 1000 residents, with least to most depicted ranging in a pale orange to a rust color in a given area.

Users can always search data by the current year, the prior year, and by month within the current year, that currently we can find information from January 2012 to October 2013. This NYC Crime Map will regularly update by week.

Animated Commute Maps (U.S.A.)


We find a new interactive animated map for showcasing the commute patterns of residents in Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York regions that we can see where the residents go and modes of transport they use on the maps. Since the maps have categorized data according to people’s household income levels, it is interesting to see the commute patterns are various based on different income levels.

In the animated map, residents’ transport modes and the rough locations of their home are represented by colored dots, transit, walk, car, or other modes, and the size of the dots represent the ages. There are two drop down boxes on the top left corners for selecting data from various regions and income levels, and map users can click play button to see the changing of commute pattern all through the day.


Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

Animated map is interesting and informative though we think minor changes can make great improvement:

  • In the map legend, there is an item “Size=Age”, which the definition is a bit confusing to map users. Furthermore, it would be a bit better if item “Other” is placed in the bottom of the selection.
  • It’s a suggestion that category legend can be created for filtering dots, which represent different modes of transport, on the map.

What’s your comment towards this animated map?

Real-Time World Map: Who is Dropping F-Bomb on Twitter


Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platform across the globe, and it allows users using “f” words. An online website,, creates an interactive real-time map for tracking the locations where “f” words has been written on Twitter.

The live map is created by Martin Gingras, a Computer Science student from Carleton University, and pins on the map are stated as “F-bombs” that would be dropped on the world map whenever users tweet or retweet curses or message with “f” words. You can mouse click the pins to see the tweets and the Twitter accounts in the popup boxes.

Not surprisingly, twitter users from the US and the UK are most likely to drop “F-Bomb” on the twitter world map, and New Yorkers are the biggest offenders so far.

Purposes of creating this interactive map are not encouraging people to use “f” words, but hopes people would be more responsible and respective by avoiding cursing when they are using social networking platforms.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars

  • Interesting live world map that shows the real-time tweets across the globe with tweet contents.
  • Dynamic pin icons that suit the map theme.
  • Simple but already informative enough.

Currently the map only pins tweets that contain “f” words in English. Though some people suggest the creator to develop the map with various languages, I think it is enough at this status.

Check out the real-time world map below and see if you like it and find it interesting:



How the United States Was Like to Fly in the Roaring ’20s

This map is produced by Rand McNally for showing the transcontinental air travelers of the Roaring ’20s, and it charts the 48-hour trip from New York to San Francisco. It shows not only the flight route but also the major American landmarks passengers would fly by on the way. On the back of the map, Rand McNally included a weather map, a “Certificate of Flight” log passengers could fill out as they went. Being as a souvenir, do you want one?


World Map: Road Kills across the Globe

Deaths caused by road accidents has already reached 1.24 million per year across the globe, and it will triple to 3.6 million per year by 2030, and road accidents will become the fifth leading cause of death in the developing countries, according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) most recent Global Burden of Disease study. Here is an interactive world map that annotating roads kill percentage in each country, and detailed statistic chart can be seen when mouseover the regions, and full story can be seen when mouse click the markers.


Here are some highlights from the report and the map:

  • New York City, U.S., has made great strides in reducing traffic fatalities with its streets among the safest in the road.
  • Sweden is the industrialized country with the lowest roads kill.
  • Dramatically increased numbers of new drivers and vehicles on the road is the main course for the high road fatalities rate in Russia.
  • In Egypt, people died in road traffic crashes every year exceed the toll of those who died in the revolution.
  • In Liberia, 66% road fatalities were among pedestrians, which was the worst record among African countries.
  • The Dominican Republic is the most dangerous place to drive in the Americas, with nearly 42 fatalities per 100,000 in population.
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran has the worst driving record in the Middle East, with 34 deaths per 100,000 in population.
  • In the past, people in Nigeria can buy a driving license even you have not taken driving lessons and passed a test, so it is not surprising with the high roads kill percentage.
  • Philippines has just passed a new drunk driving law earlier in 2013, but fails to establish a legal blood alcohol content level for intoxication, and let’s see if roads kill can be reduced.


By the way, we find this world map very informative, which is not complicated to create.  First, you can easily find a world map template with all regions on the website, and then add mouseover information box, which text content, table and images, and external links can be inserted, to related regions. Finally, you can create heat map with map legend to indicate the road kills percentage in various countries.

Here is a video tutorial about creating heat map, and you can also create an informative world map that similar to the above one in few steps:

Heat Map: Suicide Rate in New Jersey

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, and let’s take a quick reviews about the phenomenon in New Jersey, which is focusing prevention efforts on youth. Here we found an heat map and interactive charts for showing some statistic reports about suicides in New Jersey in past years

According to statistics from Centers for Disease Control’s CDC Wonder database, proportion of the population who died by suicide in New Jersey rose in 2010. Though New Jersey’s rate of 8.2 was the third-lowest among all states, and was only higher than New York and the District of Columbia, we cannot neglect the rapid rising suicides rate in NJ. Christopher Kosseff, a clinical psychology professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, pointed out, “It has risen by more than 30 percent in the past 10 years.”

Here is a heat map for showing the suicides in New Jersey in 2006-2010, and you can mouse click the region for detailed statistics:

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families found the opposite trend in looking at youth suicide (ages 10-24) in its latest 2012 Adolescent Suicide Report, which was released last November. According to the report, the suicide rate for youth in 2011 was lower than the rate in 2010, and was also below the national rate.

You can find an interactive bar chart below and mouse hover the bars for details:

 Here is another interactive pie chart that annotating percentages of different suicides methods that caused death in 2006-2010:

We have to take note that suicide issue is still concerning and figure out if any youth education or prevention campaigns are needed or have to be enforced.

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