Circular Rail Maps for Sydney and Melbourne

A London designer, Maxwell Roberts, has prepared schematic maps for rail systems in Sydney and Melbourne based on the geometry of concentric circles.



Maxwell Roberts is a London psychologist who has created a series of circular schematics of transit systems in various cities, including London, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo. Maxwell was surprised the amount of cities can be fitted to the design rules and the results are often spectacular from an aesthetic point of view.

We have introduced a London tube map with attractions before that we can find that tube / transit system maps can be used in various way with different designs. You may now utilizing your city’s transit system maps (e.g. metro maps, bus maps, train maps) to create your personalized maps for particular use.

Global Flood Damage by 2050











Issues about climate changes, e.g. global warming & rising sea level, are always hot topics among us in these years. A world map about damages caused by flooding and rising sea level by 2050 has been created for warning us.

In the bubble chart map, it highlight several coastal cities about the estimate cost that taxpayers have to pay for cleaning up the casualties caused by flooding. This map is created based on the analysis from Stephane Hallegatte, an economist in World Bank, and his coauthors, and he mentioned that the figure was just the bare minimum. Detailed comment from Stephane can be found by clicking the above map image.

Recently, we have received inquiries about creating world map with pie chart / bubble chart per country. It is possible to create bubble chart in a world map using map maker for data analysis:

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Bubble Chart Map: A Month of Citi Bike

Almost two months ago, New York City has launched the bike-sharing program, and here is an interactive bubble chart map for displaying how far has the the program gone. The map is created by New Yorkers using live data, which is provided by Citi Bike, to pinpoint locations people rode for one month.

The bubble sizes are determined by number of available bikes in each station, and details can be been when mouseover it. You can also click the “PLAY” button to see the changes according to the timeline that it is unsurprisingly more people  are joining this program.

Interactive Google Map: Hot Weather in New Jersey

Thursday, that temperature in Newark hit 100 degrees that remind us hot summer is in the town now. Though it’s not a record-breaking heat, an interactive annotating maximum temperature in each country has been created. Larger sun logo represents hooter the median so far in July 2013, and you can get detailed description when mouseovering specific county.

According to the data from the above maps, we can see that the median temperature is from 79 to 93.5, which is not that hot; and the annoyed factor is the humidity that some counties (e.g. Howell, Hamilton, Woodstown) could even reach 100%.

Crowdsourcing Map: Quiet Places in New York City

Being a one of the busiest and the most boisterous city in the world, have you ever thought of tasting a quiet moment in New York City? The New York Times has created an interactive NY map for inspiring all New Yorkers to treasure every quiet moment in this city by collecting crowdsourced suggestions from readers. Here you can find the styled clickable map with thousands spots, and description with photos or videos will be popped-up when mouseover the point.

Possible Routes that Edward Snowden Would Take

After leaving Hong Kong, where did Edward Snowden go? There is speculation that he is somewhere in Moscow,  but it seemed that he did not take the flight to Moscow. Here is an interactive World Map that examines the potential routes Snowden would take after leaving Hong Kong, where conceivably willing to shield him from U.S, by using the data from Check the possible routes that he might take and see if you agree with it or not:

Video Tutorial: Create Interactive HTML5 Bubble Chart Map

Bubble chart is used for presenting data in a visually appealing way that you can easily compare the value of each data by looking at the size of the bubbles. Bubble chart combines with interactive map can visualize geographical data, and provide quick comparison of quantities and frequencies between regions or states.

For understanding more how the bubble chart can be used, you may take the following maps as reference:

Interactive US Map: 2013 Interactive Singles Map

Bubble Chart – Worldwide GDP Data (2012)

Here is a video tutorial about creating Bubble Chart in the HTML5 interactive map:

Crowdsourcing Map: Your Biking Wisdom in New York

Last week, New York Times released an interactive crowdsourcing map about asking recommendations for the best and worst biking routes in New York from readers. You can pin your wisdom on the map, and also check others’ wisdom by clicking the markers they have added.

As we have introduced the various usages of the crowdsourcing map before, everyone can create their own crowsourced maps by collecting ideas from others, and likewise readers can share their comments on this interactive platform.

Check the map below and you might be interested in this kind of interactive map:

Interactive Map: World Acceptance towards Homosexual

As the issue of same-sex marriage becomes a hot topic recently in several countries, for example in the United States, a new Pew Research Center survey finds huge variance by counties question of whether homosexuality should be accepted or rejected by society. An interactive heat map has been created by iMapBuilder to showcase the result.

The survey that conducted in 39 countries reflects broad acceptance of homosexuality in North America, Europe, and much of Latin America. According to statistics, there are obvious increasing people in South Korea, the United States and Canada accept the homosexual with 10% growth since 2007. The survey also claims that religions and age generation are factors towards the acceptance.

Check the following heat map to see which regions have higher acceptance towards homosexual, and you can find more details by watching the embedded videos and news in the infobox.

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Create a Multi-level United States Map

As there are increasing inquiries about creating the interactive drill-down maps, we have created a sample map with a video tutorial for detailed demonstration. Let’s take the United States map as an example, and create two drill-down maps to California County and New York County.

First, we created three map projects by using the map templates of United States, California County, and New York County. After we have created and saved the maps, uploaded them to the server separately. And then insert the map links of the California County map and the New York County map into the corresponding regions in the United States map.

Finally, when you click on the California region, the California map will be loaded.


You can now try to create your own multi-level maps according to the guides above.