Interactive Map: Flu Near You

Previously we have shared the interactive HealthMap about outbreak of various diseases across the globe, and here is another interactive map, Flu Near You, administered by for displaying flu activities.


Various dot colors refer to different categories that map users can refer to the map legend below the map. There is also a timeline below the map that users can click the “play” button to see the heat map about the flu activity from late 2011 to present.

Similar to the HealthMap, charts are provided to show the flu trends and weekly reports.

Different from the HealthMap, this flu map is mainly focus on America and Canada, and the data is mainly from the subscribed map users.

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
Since there are so many dots on the map, clustering or category legend for the dots are needed to keep the map looks neat and clean.

Clickable Heat Map: Countries with Travel Warnings

clickable-world-map-countries-with-travel-warningAn interactive heat map was created, which based on the advice from DFAIT, to display the safety index of different countries. Travelers should check the map, especially those advice in the infobox before planning their trips.

According to the advice from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, travelers should avoid all travel in several countries, include North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Niger, and more. Countries like Pakistan and Libya are not recommended for travel either, while countries in North America and Europe are recommended.

Click on the image to get the details.