Heat Map Shows How Polar Vortex Froze over U.S. this Winter

This winter, U.S. is frozen by the polar vortex that seriously affects the daily life of Americans (e.g. flight cancellations and delays, school closed, massive traffic delays). Here is a heat map shows how the U.S. being frozen due to the dipping of Arctic winds.

heat map how polar vortex froze us

From the above image released by NASA, we can see arctic winds dipped south that causes cold condition across the Midwest, East Coast, and South, and some places temperatures were 40 degrees Fahrenheit colder than average.

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Interactive US Map: Snowfall Report

Recently USA is being affected by the polar vortex, and regions like Central Pennsylvania is under winter storm warming. For checking the updated snowfall and temperatures, residents may refer to the following interactive snowfall report that created by National Weather Service.


Residents can mouse click the points for details in the popup box, or look for the information in the marker list.

Heat Map: Serious Drought in California

Currently, United States is facing extreme weather, the polar vortex, and people may not notice the serious drought problem in California. Following is a heat map, released by the National Drought Mitigation Center, reminding us to face the serious drought problem in California.
california-drought-mapFrom the above map, we can see that the wetness percentile in California is below 2 that nearly 90 percent of the state is suffering from extreme drought.