Video Tutorial: Create Interactive Flight Map

Because of the high inquiries about steps for creating flight/route maps, we have prepared a new video tutorial about creating interactive flight map with popup box using mapping editor.

The video shows steps of:

  • adding points
  • drawing lines
  • inserting popup boxes

The sample maps can be found at:

Interactive Flight Map (Flash Map)

Interactive Flight Map (HTML5 Map)

How the United States Was Like to Fly in the Roaring ’20s

This map is produced by Rand McNally for showing the transcontinental air travelers of the Roaring ’20s, and it charts the 48-hour trip from New York to San Francisco. It shows not only the flight route but also the major American landmarks passengers would fly by on the way. On the back of the map, Rand McNally included a weather map, a “Certificate of Flight” log passengers could fill out as they went. Being as a souvenir, do you want one?