World Map: Gay Marriage in the World

In the past, we have shared several maps about same sex marriage in the United States and world acceptance towards homosexual, and now we have found several maps about the same sex marriage around the world in different countries.

the-gay-marriage-world-mapmap legend for the above world map:gay-marriage-world-map-legend

Since the first legal same sex marriage took place in Amsterdam in 2001, there have been 15 countries (e.g. certain states in US, part of Mexico, Australian Capital territories) legalized it within these 12 years. However, there are still some countries do not accept homosexual (e.g. Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen).

According to below image, it seems that homosexual is more acceptable in Europe that most of the European countries allow same sex marriage, and  same sex unions are allowed.
gay-marriage-in-europePlease note that homosexual can be punished by imprisonment in some of island countries in Oceania:

Source: Business2Community

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This gay marriage map can be converted into multilevel interactive map that detailed information can be added to each countries with popup infobox, and map legend can be created for indicating various region colors.

Here is a video tutorial about creating multi-level maps:

Interactive Map: Gay Marriage in the United States


Last month, we have shared a U.S. map about same sex marriage in the States after New Jersey became the 14th states to issue same sex marriage license since October 21. Here is another interactive map for showing the updated status that states recognizes same sex marriage after Hawaii joining the line this week.


This week, Hawaii becomes the 16th state to legalize same sex marriage. Apart from California and Washington, states that recognize gay marriage are still mainly located in the Northwest, the West Coast and the Upper Midwest, which can be seen from the above map.


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It is a very simple map that simply highlight those states that recognize same sex marriage. This map can be more informative if:

  • Mouse click description box provides more information or contains an inserted URL to related webpage.
  • States could be categorize into “legalized”, “to be legalized” and “not legalized”, and create category legend for filtering.

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US Map: Democratic Senator Supports Same-Sex Marriage
World Acceptance towards Homosexual


U.S. Map: Same Sex Marriage

Few months ago, we have shared maps about same sex marriage issue in the United States, and after state Supreme Court ruling on September 27, New Jersey becomes the 14th states to issue same sex marriage license since October 21. We found a U.S. map giving you a prompt idea about which states allow same sex marriage.

Interactive Map: World Acceptance towards Homosexual

As the issue of same-sex marriage becomes a hot topic recently in several countries, for example in the United States, a new Pew Research Center survey finds huge variance by counties question of whether homosexuality should be accepted or rejected by society. An interactive heat map has been created by iMapBuilder to showcase the result.

The survey that conducted in 39 countries reflects broad acceptance of homosexuality in North America, Europe, and much of Latin America. According to statistics, there are obvious increasing people in South Korea, the United States and Canada accept the homosexual with 10% growth since 2007. The survey also claims that religions and age generation are factors towards the acceptance.

Check the following heat map to see which regions have higher acceptance towards homosexual, and you can find more details by watching the embedded videos and news in the infobox.

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                        Democratic Senator Supports Same-Sex Marriage

United States Map: Democratic Senator Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Legalization of the Same-Sex Marriage is a hot issue in United States recently, and there are different opinions towards this. In the early April, Bill Nelson of Florida indicated that he would switched positions. Here, an interactive map about democratic senator that supports same-sex marriage has been created.

The discrete color range heat map indicates states which one or both senators had expressed support for gay marriage: white indicates not being supported, light blue indicates being supported by one senator, dark blue indicated being supported by both senators. Click on the map image and get the details:



Interactive US Map: Same-sex Couples in New Jersey

It seems that this week is an important week for those invested in the same-sex marriage debate. The debate is still on going, but we can first take a look to see where are the same-sex couples living in the New Jersey .



From the Heat Map, you can see the distribution of same-sex partner households in NJ, and you will get the details by clicking on the regions. Even though the map is not really up-to-date as the source was from 2010 Census, we can still take a glance about the issue.

We are not discussing about the same sex marriage issue, but we would like to show you how the interactive Google Map can tell story to the public.

We can create Heat Map to visualize the population distribution, and insert info box with text or other media contents to showcase a news. Try to think a topic and create one to express your thoughts now. Here is another United States Heat Map that tells stories within US.