Interactive Map Shows How Boston Startups are Similar to Silicon Valley


The following interactive map of Boston startups may be surprised you that it reveals Boston is resembling the tech scene in Silicon Valley.

interactive boston map techscene

This interactive Boston Techscene map is created by Jay Batson, based information from Crunchbase, for visualizing the density of Boston startups in greater Boston area. According to this map, it unveils more than 600 startups have raised abount $4.8 billion, and created abount 14,500 jobs in a decade.

You can now find job postings or find press releases about startups using the map by selecting the points on the map or in the marker list.

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
We like this map, includes the map theme, the usages, the map color settings, and present of the marker list. However, it would be better if there is clustering feature, and improved performance for the filtering function.

Since there are over 600 points on the map, it would be better present those points with clustering, which is a way to group markers on the map based on factors, such as proximity or map data that makes the map leaner and cleaner without flooding with overlapping markers. You can get more idea about clustering in the following video:

Interactive World Map: Where are the Next Silicon Valleys

Once there is a new innovative startup hub, journalists would label the area as “the next Silicon Valley”. Since there are various “the next Silicon Valleys” across the globe, Slate has then created an interactive world map for pinpointing all the locations for presenting a whole picture for our better understanding.

There is a list of editorial pieces along  the map that users can select an article on the list to see the highlighted pin on the map and link to the full text by clicking the inserted URL.

According to the map, we can see the new hubs are named as Silicon Alley, Silicon Hills, Silicon Forest, Silicon Prairie, Silicon Square, Silicon Wadi, etc. Do you think these nicknames can really make the region to be the next Silicon Valleys?