Maps: Countries that Edward Snowden Requests for Asylum

Edward Snowden, who has leaked National Security Agency documents, has applied for asylum in 21 different countries, and a world heat map has been created to display the responses from various countries.
Map: Tracking how countries are answering Snowden’s asylum requests

As shown in the map, most of the countries has turned down the requests on the basis that asylum application is only considerable if he is in the borders, which some claims that he was rejected by not meeting the requirements for being a political refuge.

Another clickable Google Map has been created to pinpoint the location with details. You can click on the pins and get more information about the updated status:


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Possible Routes that Edward Snowden Would Take

After leaving Hong Kong, where did Edward Snowden go? There is speculation that he is somewhere in Moscow,  but it seemed that he did not take the flight to Moscow. Here is an interactive World Map that examines the potential routes Snowden would take after leaving Hong Kong, where conceivably willing to shield him from U.S, by using the data from Check the possible routes that he might take and see if you agree with it or not: