Video Tutorial: Create Map Legend in HTML5 Maps

Sometimes we will come up with maps being pinned with various markers, lines, and colored regions without knowing what the overlays stand for until we look up the text content. These kinds of maps are not user-friendly enough as map users will always be stopped by confusing map markers or other overlays that the issue can be easily tackled by creating a map legend for annotating map overlays.

Here we have prepared a new video tutorial about creating map legend in few steps. Check it out now:

More sample maps can be seen by clicking the following image:

Circular Rail Maps for Sydney and Melbourne

A London designer, Maxwell Roberts, has prepared schematic maps for rail systems in Sydney and Melbourne based on the geometry of concentric circles.



Maxwell Roberts is a London psychologist who has created a series of circular schematics of transit systems in various cities, including London, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo. Maxwell was surprised the amount of cities can be fitted to the design rules and the results are often spectacular from an aesthetic point of view.

We have introduced a London tube map with attractions before that we can find that tube / transit system maps can be used in various way with different designs. You may now utilizing your city’s transit system maps (e.g. metro maps, bus maps, train maps) to create your personalized maps for particular use.

Create Interactive Custom Images Supports Cross-Platform

We have mentioned last mouth that we could create interactive custom image maps that support cross-platform (e.g. tablets / mobile devices) by using several online mapping software. Since some people would prefer host their image projects on their own server and prefer owning a software rather than joining hosting plan, and now you may try create your own clickable image diagrams by using the iiCreator.

With the assistance of software, you can create images maps link the following transit map: