Heat Map: Most Popular Countries in the World

If you are planning a trip and wondering where to go in the coming Spring break, you may take the following heat map as reference to see which countries are the most popular.

world heat map the most popular countries in the world

The heat map, create by MoveHub, shows France is the most popular country for visiting with 81,400,000 visits each year, and the U.S. and China place 2nd and 3rd.

Last year, we have created an interactive heat map for the same topic that shows the 10 most visited countries in 2012. Comparing two maps, rankings of the top 5 countries are the same. You could now compare the two maps and see if you agree with the results:

Last year, we have also shared and created maps about the countries that are most welcoming to foreigners, and you can check the details HERE.

Sightsmap, Photographed Locations in the World


We are all familiar with Google’s Street View, but if you are interested in the world’s most photographed or most checked-in location, you may have to look for the Google’s Sightsmap.


Sightsmap is displayed in heat map version as default that map users can find the most photographed area in yellow color, and more makers will be displayed by zooming into the region. Photo, streetview, external link to Wikipedia or other webpages will be displayed in the popup box by clicking the marker, that the data is mainly obtained from Panoramio, Wikipedia, and foursquare.

Map Reviews: 4/5 Stars
This map is just another version of “Street View” that let us explore the world by just leisurely sitting in our room, and the main differences of this Sightsmap with Street View are the images were taken by other people, and much more beautiful, for example you can see the sun set in Paris and the night view of Cologne in Germany at the same time, which Street View cannot satisfy us.

This map is wonderful with thousands images, so at the same time, it may take longer time for loading the heat map. Furthermore, markers in various colors are pinned on the map that map legend is needed for indicating the colors. (Markers in lighter colors represent higher popularity.)

Map users can also user the “trip plan” menu to get help while planning a trip using this map. We found this feature is very useful when you are planning a trip without any prior idea. You can:

  1. Select a starting point on the map
  2. Select spots for visiting
    (Or you can select “recommend” that suggested by the system)
  3.  Click “Show” to see the “Trip itinerary” for details (e.g. travelling time between spots, estimated visiting time in the spot, external links for the spot)
  4. Click “clear” to reset

Overall, this map is informative and useful for planning the trips by providing estimated visiting time, photos, and useful links. Let’s check out the map HERE.

Interactive Flight Map: Inspire Me – Find Your Next Destination

interactive-world-map-emirates-inspire-me(2)Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, has launched an interactive world map for users to find their next journey.

Users can search for their next destination that matches their personal preferences, including date, types of activities, temperatures of the destination, and duration of the flight time. The map will then sort the destinations that meet your criteria with the flight price and details on the map.

It is very common to create map with pins that including images and external links. Here is a video tutorial about creating the similar custom Google Map:

Clickable Heat Map: Countries with Travel Warnings

clickable-world-map-countries-with-travel-warningAn interactive heat map was created, which based on the advice from DFAIT, to display the safety index of different countries. Travelers should check the map, especially those advice in the infobox before planning their trips.

According to the advice from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, travelers should avoid all travel in several countries, include North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Niger, and more. Countries like Pakistan and Libya are not recommended for travel either, while countries in North America and Europe are recommended.

Click on the image to get the details.

Interactive World Map: Countries that are Most and Least Welcoming to Foreigners

A heat map about the most and least welcoming counties to foreigners, which according to the result in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 by World Economic Forum (WEF), has been posted on internet. According to the data, the top three most welcoming countries for foreigners are Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) is based on three broad categories of variables that facilitate or drive travel & tourism competitiveness. The three main categories are:

  1. Travel & Tourism regulatory framework subindex
  2. Travel & Tourism business environment and infrastructure subindex
  3. Travel & Tourism human, cultural, and natural resources subindex

Each of the above categories is composed in turn by a number of pillars of Travel & Tourism competitiveness, and there are:

  • policy rules and regulations
  • environmental sustainability
  • safety and security
  • health and hygiene
  • prioritization of travel & tourism
  • air transport infrastructure
  • ground transport infrastructure
  • tourism infrastructure
  • ICT infrastructure
  • price competitiveness in the Travel & Tourism industry
  • human resources
  • affinity for travel & tourism
  • natural resources
  • cultural resources

The WEF gathered the data from late 2011 through late 2012 by asking respondents, “How welcome are foreign visitors in your country?” And some people have pointed out several interesting points from the result:

  • Why South Korea ranks so low?
  • Why Yemen ranks above Sweden and Belgium?
  • Why Denmark, a rich Western European country, ranks much lower than its neighbors?

These are interesting questions that are valuable for further discussion.

Besides the above heat map, we have created an interactive one to showcase the TTCI report, and you can find more information by mouse over several regions (e.g. Switzerland, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, France)