Interactive Heat Map: Poverty in North Carolina


In the past, we have shared various U.S. maps about unemployment, food stamps, and average income, and here we have found another interactive heat map about poverty in North Carolina.

According to the federal government, poverty level was defined as an annual income equal or less than $23,283 for a family of four, or $11,945 for an individual in 2012. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the overall poverty rate of Borth Carolina in 2012 was 17.2 percent.

There are several types of family got higher poverty rate (%):

  • households led by single women with children under 5 (51.6%)
  • households led by single women with children under 18 (42.8%)
  • households led by single women (34%)
  • family with children under 5 (21.2%)
  • family with children under 18 (19:8%)

Check out the following heat map by selecting specific category in the drop-down box:

US Heat Map: How will the Expiration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Program Affect Us


In the coming Sunday (29 Dec, 2013), almost 1.3 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits when the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program expires, and the above heat map, with continuous color, shows how the expiration of the EUC program affects each state.

Studies have found that it is difficult for long-term unemployed, who has been unemployed for more than 26 weeks, to find a new job as employers often do not consider applicants for a position. Originally, the EUC benefits helped to keep them out of poverty while they are looking for a job, but the expiration seems will hit them hard.

Source: Business Insider Australia


Heat Map: Unemployment in California

Last week, we have introduced an interactive map about unemployment in Oregon, today we found another heat map showcases unemployment status in California.


Form the above heat map, we can see that unemployment issue is quite serious in interior areas while the situation is more optimistic in coastal areas that mainly due to the uneven distribution of economy activities. Check out the map and see if you agree with the saying or not.

Interactive Map: Unemployment in Oregon


Previously we have shared a US map about the State of Shame that Oregon is the state with largest homeless population that it seems the economic recovery remains distant, especially in some counties. Here is an interactive Oregon map for showing the current unemployment situation by counties.


The map was created based on the data from Oregon Employment Department. According to the map, unemployment situation is most serious in Harney, Grant and Crook countries, where’s unemployment rates were over 12 percent in the previous October; while Benton and Hood River had better employment situation among other countries. You can mouse click the country for seeing the differences of unemployment rate between 2012 & 2013.

The map will be updated each month once new data is available.

Map Reviews: 3.5/5 Stars
This interactive Oregon map is a heat map that missing map legend for indicating region colors. Since I was confused by which colors represent higher employment rates at first, it would be more user-friendly and informative if map legend is added.

United States Map: States of Shame

Here we found a map, which based on Census data, U.S. Health rankings, and some snark, about the the biggest failure of each state in America.


Here are some highlights of the map:

  • State for serious air pollution:  California
  • State for drunk driving: Montana
  • State with largest homeless population: Oregon
  • State with the most crimes: Nevada
  • State with highest unemployment rate: Michigan

Check out the map and see if you are agree of it or not.

Multi-level World Map: World Unemployment Rate in 2012

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report that was released this month, we have created a multi-level world map to display the unemployment situation across the world in 2012. Click on the continent, and then select the countries to see the details.

We simply took the unemployment data to create the maps, and you can get more details from the full report. The maps just give you a glimpse about the status of the labor market, which cannot reflect the full economic picture of the country as other elements are also needed for the consideration, e.g. GDP, consumer price index (CPI), political situation.

Overall, we can still discover the rapid economic growth in Asia, especially China and South Korea, where had lower unemployment rate with higher GDP.

Meanwhile, we should pay attention to Spain and Italy due to the hazardous unemployment rate.